Starting a Purim Revolution in Brooklyn


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We have all seen the Hatzolah ads asking parents and Yeshivas to give the real message of simchas Purim. Bochurim should have a meaningful memory of each Purim, not just a ‘SPIRIT’ual one!

Last year on Purim night a mini-revolution happened.

A group of very special Baalei Battim sponsored bochurim from Yeshiva Torah Temimah to sit and learn two hours on Purim night instead of walking the streets collecting. It was an amazing success. The sponsored money went to the bochur’s tzedokah of choice. The bais hamedrash boomed with kol torah and this certainly was the ultimate in kimu vkiblu of the simchas hatorah.

What does simchas Purim mean for a yeshiva bochur? For a young child it means special fun. It’s all about the simcha of dressing up, delivering mishloach monos and seudas purim. As children grow older they are looking to make the day more meaningful –  a real yom kippurim.

In today’s turbulent times with the world in such turmoil we must evoke our strongest zechus – Bochurim learning in a bais hamedrah – torah d’rabbim [on Purim!!].

Would you be interested in promoting this revolution? If the answer is yes, then let’s start a ‘tea party’ revolution and sponsor a bochur by clicking on the following link:

With your kind donation you will be creating DOUBLE zechus. The money will to Tzedokah and a bochur will learn in your zechus TWO hours on Purim by night.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. For many years, I have been waiting for this revolution to begin.
    For my own part, I have been donating a specific amount of money to a local Monsey Mesivta and Bais Medrash for each boy who committed to learn for 3 hours on Purim day and agreed not to go collecting. (In this Yeshiva, they go collecting on Purim day.)
    What a Chizuk for Klal Yisrael it can be if boys are learning in Yeshiva on Purim rather than dressing up as clowns or whatever they dress up as, driving around in limousines, and potentially drinking.
    The Yeshivos Ketana have their Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik. Why is it that when a boy reaches Mesivta or Beis Medrash, he turns into a clown on Purim?
    If you are interested in doing the same, do so for the Yeshiva of your choice. In that way, we can try to change the vision of Purim to what it should be.

  2. Fantastic idea.

    For those that advocate collecting because it is, in many cases, the bochurims’ sole opportunity to engage in chesed, I think that they should be encouraged to visit hospitals and nursing homes during the day, after they spend the night learning.