Greenfield Bashes State Budget Plan; Calls Deficit Borrowing A Scam


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Brooklyn – New York City Council candidate and education advocate, David G. Greenfield described the state’s plan to erase its budget deficit by borrowing more money, a scam. Instead, he called for the state to curb spending, which has continued to skyrocket even as revenues have decreased. He slammed the influence of special interest groups that for decades have fought any spending caps that could have prevented this crisis.

“It is the height of arrogance and irresponsibility for the State to borrow its way out of this budget crisis. Spending money that we don’t have is how we got into this mess in the first place,” said Greenfield. “The proper way to solve this crisis is to reduce spending and stand up to the special interests that have controlled Albany for decades, not to pass the buck and the bill on to future generations.”

The State budget is due April 1st. The City budget, due July 1st will be determined by final numbers in the State budget.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. From a macroeconomic perspective he is correct.

    But let’s see if he can suggest which programs that serve his constituents can be cut

  2. I listened to Mr. Greenfield’s interview on Kol Haolam. When asked what his plan on the budget deficit is, his responds was that the budget is not his business. His business is to bring the max money from the city for his constituents. Here I see that he is getting involved in City budget. So I’m a bit confused!!???

  3. David is really the one that should really represent us in Albany. He will bring us the conservative ideas and get Albany working again.

    David, when you finish your job at the city council, you have my vote for State Senate…

  4. to # 2. You my friend are right on the money.
    This is typical vintage David Greenfield. He’ll say anything that sounds good at the time. He doesn’t mind if he contradicts himself, because most times people won’t catch it. ( I dare YWN to print this msg ).

    Ah Gutten Choidesh to all ( even to DG, and I mean it).

  5. #3, I totally agree!
    #2, it is totally NOT Greenfield’s job to suggest WAYS to cut the budget, let alone by suggesting effective programs to his constituents be cut. What IS his job is to push for budget control IN GENERAL, and to fight that ANYTHING that is NOT cut be used FOR HIS CONSTITUENTS’ NEEDS!!!

  6. In other words, he knows that the government’s financing is a scam that will come to no good, but his job is to maximize spending for the benefit of his constituents.

    Sort of like someone addicted to alcohol or heroin or tobacco who knows it is killing him, but can’t stop.

    Fortunately states can’t print money, otherwise New York’s currency would resemble Germany’s money of the 1920s.