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Greenfield Aims To be ‘Pothole Councilman’

Sets up telephone hotline to report potholes – will deliver list to City Hall himself!

Brooklyn – New York City Council candidate David G. Greenfield set up a pothole hotline where residents in his Brooklyn district can report dangerous potholes. While he is usually known as a leading education advocate, Greenfield isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and join the Department of Transportation to fill the potholes . After an especially long and snowy winter that often results in more potholes, Greenfield will take the list of potholes and personally deliver them to City Hall. Greenfield will continuously check with the Department of Transportation to make sure the potholes are filled, and will keep residents updated on the results.

“It is important that the City quickly fix potholes so drivers can safely navigate city streets,” said Greenfield. “This hotline will ensure residents that potholes are quickly reported to the Department of Transportation, and someone holds them responsible for filling the potholes in a speedy manner.”

Residents in the communities of Boro Park, Midwood, and Bensonhurst can call Greenfield’s pothole hotline at 347-562-1224. Make sure to have an accurate location of the pothole, preferably an address, which part of the street the pothole is in, and any other size, shape, or depth descriptions that can better assist the city in identifying and filling the pothole. Residents should also leave a name, address, phone number or email address to get updates on when the pothole is fixed.

This is part of Greenfield’s continuing campaign to make New York more livable by reducing education costs, fighting for senior services, and keeping our streets safe and clean.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

8 Responses

  1. Because he plans on following up. Who follows up with 311?
    Will he follow up? Well based on his track record of several years of actually helping the community, Iw ould venture to say yes.

  2. Sounds much better then someone that doesn’t live in the district and wants to become my Councilman and is worried about fallen trees in a different district.

    I drove around today in Boro Park and was looking for the fallen trees that Lazar is talking about and couldn’t find one that was blocking a street. Maybe the Councilman in that district should start working for a change.

  3. I find that the double parking and people parking at angles at crosswalks to be a much bigger problem for Boro Park drivers than potholes. At 10 mph which is about as fast as you can go in BP, what damage can a pothole do?

    I also didn’t see any fallen trees in BP.

  4. Yaakov doe:
    I live in BP. There are plenty of potholes and many serious ones. I don’t think there’s one avenue that doesn’t have a pothole.

  5. 54th Street Between 18 and 19 Avenue, right next to the Stolin Yeshiva. The street was blocked

    Potholes? I think its eassier to report where there aren’t any.

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