NBC: Two NY Men Arrested For Trying To Help Al Qaeda


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Two New York men have been arrested and charged with trying to help Al Qaeda terrorists, NBCNewYork has exclusivly learned. An official announcement on these latest terror arrests in New York is expected later Friday.

Law enforcement officials said there is no specific threat to the city and that the case centers more on the men’s efforts to assist the terror network overseas. These terror related-arrests come just months after the FBI and NYPD arrested three men in the so-called Zazi subway terror plot.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara declined to comment saying any announcement would come later Friday. FBI and NYPD spokesmen also declined comment.

One source said both men hold  U.S. citizenship and that of another country. Both had recently traveled overseas. Sources said the men were seeking to provide financial support to terrorists. Investigators said the men had traveled overseas numerous times in connection with this case.

The specific charges are unclear but could include providing material support for terror.

(Source: NBC New York)