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Car Bomb Suspect Completed Test Run Before Attempted Attack

The suspect in the attempted car bombing in Times Square is believed to have completed a test run three days before driving an explosive-packed SUV into the heart of the Theater District.

Law enforcement sources tell the Associated Press Faisal Shahzad, 30, drove an SUV into the area on April 28th to figure out the best place to park the vehicle on the night of his planned attack.

Sources say Shahzad returned again on Friday to drop off a different vehicle he had planned to use as a getaway car.

On the night of the attack, investigators say he left the keys to his getaway car in the SUV – forcing him to take public transportation home. Sources say Shahzad also left his keys to his Bridgeport, Connecticut apartment in the SUV, and had to ask his landlord to get into his apartment late that night.

Meanwhile, the New York City Police Department says it has surveillance video of Shahzad walking away from the SUV wearing a white baseball cap. The video has not been released.

There is also reportedly surveillance video of Shahzad purchasing fireworks at a Pennsylvania store.

Authorities say the fireworks were used to create the car bomb.

While the owners of “Phantom Fireworks” have been asked not to release it, they say it shows Shahzad, buying M88s – which are fireworks mostly made of paper and cardboard.

“He obviously attempted to light a firecracker intending them to chain ignite; they do not chain ignite,” said Phantom Fireworks Vice President William Weimer.

The store’s owner says Shazhad had to show his driver’s license, and fill out an application to buy the firecrackers.

Shahzad is said to be cooperating with investigation and has reportedly waived his right to a speedy arraignment.

(Source: NY1)

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  1. #1, thats a but funny. But in all seriousness, did he park at a meter parking and if so, why weren’t the meter maids on him for expired meters?

  2. i wonder if he got a ticket when he left his car in timesquare. i am sure he didnt get one but if we would park even for a second we would get 3 ticket.

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