Boro Park: Fire in Yeshiva Building


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bpf main.jpg

1:18PM Fire in a building on 1420 50th Street between 14th and 15th Avenues. [More pictures are being added throughout the day. Click HERE to view]

UPDATE 1:23PM: Fire is in the Klausenberg Yeshiva building. The FDNY is advising that they have multiple fires on the roof of the four story building. Heavy Hatzolah response, with no word on injuries at this time.

UPDATE 1:30PM: The FDNY is requesting a 2nd Alarm response to be transmitted.

UPDATE 1:39PM: The Division Chief is advising that he has fire in some rooms on the 3rd floor, 4th floor, roof, and rear yard. He is also requesting NYPD forthwith to disperse the crowd. Searches are in progress at this time.

UPDATE 1:43PM: The Division Chief is advising that the main body of fire has been knocked down, and the primary searches on the upper floors have been completed and were B”H negative.

UPDATE 2:00PM: The Division Chief has declared the fire “probably will hold”. The searches are all B”H negative and he has declared the fire suspicious (due to the fire originating in many different locations upon FD arrival) and requested the FDNY Marshals to respond.

UPDATE 2:07PM: The Division Chief has requested a 3rd Alarm response to respond for “relief purposes”, and has placed the fire under control. 


  1. the rebbe is currently inl akewood for a few days (much needed) rest

    he came for a groundbreaking for a new shul & hachnosos sefer torah

    there goes that! but at least no one is hurt.

  2. The Fire Marshal has labelled the fire at the Klausenberger Yeshiva suspicious. I have seen Arabs board the B11, the city bus that stops near the yeshiva, just to get on and off and then walk around the block. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an Arab. R”L!!!!!

  3. Dear Lkwdr,

    FYI although the klusenberger Dayanim gave a “heter” to have music, there was additional heterim from the Lakewood Rabanim and even a letter from R’Afrati with a p’sak special for this ocassion from maron harav Alayashiv, in addition R’Elayashiv himself gave in a sefer torah three years ago in Yerushalayim on sfira with music as well. What do you need m ore then that. Please do some home work first………………..(P.S. I’m not a affiliated with klusenberg)

  4. Update:
    A/C units are ontop of Bhm”d Hagadol towards the back of the building.
    It was hot so A/C system was turned on first time this season.
    There was a malfunction and it started smoking.
    Avrechim attempted to extinguish with hand extinguishers but lost control of it.

    Besuros toivos.

  5. i am a little confused here please set it straight. 1) is this live music with a
    band? 2) is the music for hachnasos sefer torah or since there was a fire
    to thank hasem?

  6. jdspero,

    Firstly sorry for being unclear, they first get a heter from the Klusenberger dayan R’ F. Hershkowitz, being that it was in Lakewood it was apropiate they get the OK from the Dayanim in town, however some Talmud Torahs weren’t convinced enough to send there children and some people in town started making noise as well, thats when they called R’ Elayshiv and R’ Efrati wrote a letter stating what moran poskened, the letter is\was available in the current Klusenberg shul on Spruce!