Barak Obama exposed!


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obama osama.jpgEight Democratic presidential candidates met at South Carolina State University in the party’s first Presidential Debate. When asked who the United States’ top allies are, Senator Barack Obama said the European Union and Japan, but failed to mention Israel. (oops!)

The debate moderator – NBC News anchor Brian Williams – interrupted Obama, drawing his attention to the omission and quoting Obama as having once said (HERE), “No one suffers more than the Palestinians.” (ouch!)

Obama, explained that the Palestinians suffer because of their leadership. “I said that no one suffers more than the Palestinian people because of their leadership’s failure to recognize Israel, denounce violence and be serious about peace negotiations and regional security,” he said. (Not true. See original story!)

(Obama tries to fix a bad mess-up!) “Israel is one of our most important allies in the world. It is the only democracy in the Middle East,” Obama added.

He even noted that if he was elected, he intended to increase American involvement in the region. “The United States must be involved in the region, and that is what the current president failed to do, but it’s something I plan to do, Obama said. (Really? Mr. Obama, you seem to be forgetful. Perhaps you are unaware that President Bush’s administration has been more involved in the region; & given more funding to Israel that any US President in history!)


  1. I’m young and therefore new to voting b’klal. But this was very unconvincing.

    1. I didn’t see anything in previous article indicating that Obama is currently contradicting hmiself.
    2. So Israel’s not the #1-2 ally, it’s “one of our most important.”
    3. Maybe Bush has helped more than anybody else in history, but that doesn’t mean he’s properly involved.

  2. It’s not a matter of whether he likes Israel or not. This is a problem that all Democrats have. They think Israel causes more harm then good. They think Israel is part of the problem. Every time a democrat gets “more heavily involved” in that region Israel loses another piece of it’s territory and frees more Palestinians prisoners.

    He wasn’t lying, he was saying the truth. Israel is not a close ally of HIS. But it has to be for America, and someone like Rudy will make sure Israel’s interests are served best and not compromise Israel’s security for some Nobel peace prize (Cough) Clinton (Cough)

    At least someone like Hillary pretends to like Israel, Obama doesn’t even bother.

  3. urbmase

    I think your “off color” remark is ugly and unwise. Does the Ribono Shel Olam favor whites over blacks. I recall that idea being posed a few years back in a country in Europe. Can you recall when and where such an idea was advanced?

  4. Nice Op-Ed piece.

    That last part of Obama’s statement is what I find disingenuous. He’s flat out lying. Bush has had plenty to do with Israel and the Middle East – but then, you have to bash the current president, I guess, particularly if he’s from the other party…

    BTW, notice Mrs. Clinton’s quote from that debate – “When I become president, I will [be more involved]”. Not “If elected…”, but “When I become President…”

    Incidentally, if more YW readers would read outside the daled amos shel Yeshiva-World type news, they would see that many goyim (and more than just NK, of the Jews) are very anti-Israel and, so, for a politician to come out and say that Israel’s our biggest ally is a bit daring in terms of votes and financial support.

    If he gets the endorsement and a river of money free-flowing from all these “Jewish”/Zionist political organizations, then he can (and will) publicly warm up to Israel.

    Other than that last line, he basically spoke the truth. Oh, and IMHO, politicians are, anyways, generally, like “Kideishos” who allow themselves to be bought on any issue as long as the money comes in. You really think Obama’s, or anyone’s feelings, matter here?
    As Shlomo Hamelech said, “ViHakesef Yaane es Hakol”.

    Besides, back to the alleged verbal offense Obama committed, where are the facts that Israel is our biggest ally? Britian’s got the largest force fighting alongside ours in Iraq. Israel does what? Nothing.

  5. Why must you use that picture?
    They made a mistake. you are intentionally likening a US senator to a terrorist.
    Would you rather alan keyes had become illinois senator?

  6. Yosi-

    My comment was not based on skin colour, but rather the true colour of Barak’s many “gray area” issues. May I ask why your thought process took you right away to a race issue. I do not believe that is what the article is even addressing.

  7. Joseph, do you realize how foolish that is?
    He has been a senator for two years. Two years ago he ran for senate against a BLACK MAN. He ran against the famous ALAN KEYES who was once not too long ago a star republican presidential candidate before he became a top Fox News commentator.
    They were both the same “skin color”.

  8. Der Yid,

    He is a presidential candidate only because of skin color. That is what I said.

    Like you said, he is only a Senator for 2 years. What has he accomplished in the Senate? Before that he was a measly (relative to the Presidency) State Legislator. You do NOT see people in the Senate for TWO years running for Senate.

    The media and Dems made him into a big deal because he is black. He has no record. He has no accomplishments.

  9. Der Yid: He ran against Alan Keyes, a carpetbagger, far right wing ideologue, in an extremely liberal state. The winner of the Republican primary was forced out of the campaign because of a scandal in his personal life, and Keyes signed on late in the game. He was from out of state, and regularly portrayed in the local media as being out of touch with the “needs of Illinois”. At the time the entire state was so enthralled with the performance put on by Obama at the Dem Convention. When Keyes announced, he was down 40 points in the polls, and never had a chance. I personally had a chance to meet with Dr. Keyes during the campaign, when he gave a major policy address in one of the local Chareidi day schools. I was very impressed. But the state of Illinois is generally as far left as almost any, and Obama-mania was the rule of the day.

  10. My forecast: Democratic Ticket for 2007 = either Barrak/Billary or Billary/Barrak. I see the two joining forces to try to gain over….(it changes everyday.) The worst has yet to come…

  11. urbmase,

    I request your forgiveness. It seemed obvious that your comment was a reference to his true colour being that of his skin. I believe that you said that you dwell in artzeinu hakadosha, so you don’t realize that here in this medina of media insanity, he is black.

    I think Joseph is correct, and I don’t think that it was a racist comment. The entire process of running here is so bizarre. It’s really a circus!

    Sorry urbmase.

    A gutten to all!

  12. Illini: Chicago is left of LEFT! If you’re taka from Illinois, you will know that not a SINGLE statewide office is held by Republicans. (The treasurer, Judy Baar Topinka, the only Repub to hold a statewide office since 2002, dropped out at the last elections, in an unsuccessful bid to run for governer.) And in the city gufa, you will have heard all about every mishugas that comes out of the City Council, from the foie gras ban, to Daley’s midnight rampage in destroying Meigs Field, to unlimited other examples. The state of Illinois as a whole has other issues, like a crooked Republican Governer, whose was on trial during the campaign season at the time, that almost singlehandedly destroyed the entire republican party in the state.
    My point was in response to Der Yid, who indicated that Obama vs Keyes was an election that the black vote could have been split and he still won. I was only trying to brong out the point that Obama was in essence unchallenged. Veteran Illinoisans will also know that Obama only won the Democratic primary when a “Personal Scandal” hit the leader (Blair Hull) during that race as well. Obama, a vurtual unknown, who had been running third picked up most of Hull’s supporters when he dropped out.

  13. iameckstein Says:

    April 27th, 2007 at 10:29 am
    A politicion is a politicion is a politicion…

    iameckstein is NOT eckstein is not eckstein is not eckstein