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Avos Ubanim expanding throughout America

Two years after Avos Ubanim USA was launched at the Torah UMesorah Convention in 2005, over 20,000 fathers and sons have been learning together in 260 centers across America. In preparation for their 3rd Winter Zman, Rabbi Dovid Herskowitz is heading back to the Convention with plans to double those figures.

Rabbi Dovid Herskowitz is Founder and Executive Director of the world’s largest Yeshiva, which meets in 1,450 Batei Medrash worldwide, including three newest locations in France, Hong Kong, and Hollywood, Florida. Every Motzai Shabbos in the winter, and in many places in the summer also, on Friday or Shabbos afternoons, some eighty thousand boys sit down together with their fathers for an hour of dedicated learning, love and attention.

Avos Ubanim has just launched its newest project – a weekly summer newsletter in three languages, which is distributed to communities worldwide. Only boys who participate in the weekly session receive the Avos Ubanim newsletter which is  produced especially for them. The newsletter places a special emphasis on a particular bein odom l’chavero mitzvah every week, and challenges the boys to send in to the editors examples of how they have actualized that mitzvah in their daily lives. With raffles, contests and stories in this innovative and popular newsletter, Avos Ubanim continues to give children the message that Torah and mitzvos can be rewarding in many ways.

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  1. I think the “Avos Ubonim program is a great one, especially the Motzei Shabbos winter program when Shabbos is over so early.
    However every time the children get a half a day off of school thay are making another Avos Ubonim, the children need a break and so do the parents.

  2. Thank You Rabbi Yosef S. Tenenbaum from Monsey NY for bringing Avos ubanim to the USA . In your zchus we have thousands of kids and fathers learning torah. Thank you Tizku Lemitzvos! Hashem should repay you for everything you did and doing.

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