Iran Opposition Leader Compares Regime To Nazis


Scathing attack on Iranian regime: Iranian opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi characterized the authorities in Tehran as “totalitarian,” as part of his harshest attack on the government in recent memory.

In an interview with an opposition website, Mousavi compared the Ayatollah regime ruling Iran to other tyrannical regimes in history, including the Nazi regime.

The Iranian regime “has outdone Joseph Goebbels in respect to telling lies,” the opposition leader said.

Calls have recently increased in Iran to indict Mousavi and other opposition leaders in the wake of the controversial presidential elections held in the country in 2009. Iranian officials have slammed opposition figures and characterized them as “traitors.”

Iran’s opposition leaders had been highly critical of the regime in recent months, last month warning that a “dark future” awaits the local economy because the government didn’t listen to economists when it slashed energy and food subsidies in a country already struggling under biting UN sanctions.

(Source: Ynet)


  1. ben melech i think you are wrong they are both very bad people sorry animals however as soon as you start comparing who is worse you make one seem less worse than the other which is very wrong as there are only 3 types of people tzaddikim, good people and bad people actually make that 4 types of people and add on reshoim which includes hitler y”m and him
    also adi if you are not interested in seeing things like that DONT LOOK in my personal opinion YWN have done a gr8 job in presenting this article pictures and all

  2. I agree with Adi S. Pictures of evil people actually can hurt one spiritually. Open a sefer and you will see that the Torah agrees. Just as gazing at the image of a tzadik can enhance our ruchnius.

  3. Mousavi and other opposition leaders are right about Ahmadinejad and his regime. Problem is, they’re no angels themselves. Mousavi, when he headed the government himself, was strongly pushing the nuclear program.

  4. #3, I didn’t make myself clear; I wasn’t talking about comparing the two, sure Hitler was wordse, because he actually got to murder six million Jews Hy”d. I was talking of the picture which turns Ahmadinejad into Hitler, when Hitler was before him in history and the picture should have turned Hitler into Ahmadinejad who is the present day Hitler.