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Out Of The Mailbag – To YW Editor (Please Read Entire Article)

hitchhiking.jpgDear YW Editor: Yesterday, a woman from Williamsburg took a hitch from what seemed to be a Chasidisha looking man with his Tzitzis out, a hat on his head and spoke a fluent Yiddish, who said he was going to Boro Park. He took the streets instead of the highway in order to avoid traffic. She noticed how he was going in circles on the same few blocks. He told her that he was lost and needed to take out his GPS. The next thing she saw was a knife dangling in front of her face. Bechasdi Hashem she somehow escaped the car with only “minor” injuries.

Please post this on the website in order to make people aware although someone looks Frum and Heimish you still NEVER EVER take a hitch with ANYONE!!!

Editors Response: Yeshivaworld has confirmed that this incident is 100% true.

In a related issue, we have just spoken with Rabbi Bernard Freilich, special assistant to the Superintendent of the New York State Police – and he has asked us to publicize that the NY State Police will not tolerate anyone hitchhiking on the NY Route 17 whatsoever. It is an extreme danger to passing motorists when people stop on major highways to pick up hitchhikers, and an extreme danger due to incidents like the one above.

Vinishmartem Meod Linafshoseichem!

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  1. I would have told this woman not to get into a car with any man she does not know, no matter how he looks.

    Granted, I myself have given rides to older women, out of rachmonus when I see them walking. But I generally won’t take women unless my wife is also in the car.

  2. My friends – I think we all too excitable here.

    My sources have indeed confirmed the story, but it went something like this:

    The poor man gave the woman a ride and got lost. He was trying to get his bearings but the woman didn’t stop with the Kvetching, hollering and back-seat driving. After repeatedly asking the woman to stop talking for two minutes so that he could call someone and ask directions, the man became desperate and took out a knife and tried to kill himself. Bchasdei Hashem the woman misunderstood what was happening and she fled. The driver recovered, and made it safely to Boro Park with only a migraine.

    The lesson of course remains – do not pick up hitchhikers.


    PS – One important detail was left out of the story. The woman was the man’s wife.

  3. GrumpyOldMan – You might be talking about someone else, Because the story that is posted, is about the victim that is seated right next to me. AND NO IT WASN’T A HAPPY ENDING – SHE WAS WHEELED INTO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!! Now go verify YOUR SOURCES AGAIN!!!

  4. ceu – Please read my post in its entirety. I think that you would then realize that it is obvously satire. I had assumed that it would be obvious to all, but I can understand that you are probably very shook up now, being with the victim (may she have a refuah sheleima bkorov).

    My apologies if anyone was offended – I do think my post was humorous and probably brought a smile to quite a few faces. There is much scary and sad news out there, so every once in a while I like to inject a comment or two to help lighten up the tone.


  5. Gosh, has everyone lost their humorous side? Can no one laugh any more? It is obvious that GrumpyOldMan is making a joke. Wow, take a chill pill!

  6. You know there is website called only simchas, this one should be called onlytsuras, seriously only bad news i know “jews is news” my wife is addicted to all these tsuras stories its nisht git a gita nacht

  7. GOM: I didn’t realize it was humor either. I will admit, though, that a joke crossed my mind when I read your post, which I guess was the joke you were trying to say.

  8. I don’t see anything comical about the event that happened. Don’t make light of unsafe happenings and don’t mislead people with “humor” at inapropriate times
    What finally happened,editor??
    Evil people can dress up and masquarade in costumes and then do a crime because you let yourself be fooled (even through no fault of yours)

  9. It’s obvious that the freezing mountain air had a negative affect on our dear Grump. While it was painfully obvious that he was making an attempt at humor, it was indeed an inopportune moment.
    ceu: why was she taken to the hospital?

  10. Can we prove from this story that one should not hitch -hike? People are killed crossing the streets and driving and doing all sorts of things (even excersizing!)! Is that a fair enough reason to ban it? Millions of hikers are successful hiking and if one hikes they should definitely be very careful with whom they go. Similarly when one drives or crosses the street!

  11. Misterman: I’ll tell you why she was hitching, simply because the rabbunim forbid all women from driving on thier own. So they’re always getting rides with other men. Makes sense no?

  12. I was just told that the Rabbonim in BP and Willy are circulating a Kol Koriah that will Assur hitch-hiking, especially a woman from a man.

    They are collecting signitures and it is supposed to be out before Shabbos.

  13. Lemaáseh, no woman at any time should hitch – hike. Chazal teach us that there is no garantee when we have the Issur of Giluy Arayos. Many Rabbonim – Chassidishe Rabbonim were Matir women to drive because of these stories. At least this answers why we were fasting yesterday instead of being home in Yerushalayim with Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

  14. By the way, there are real yichud shailos involved in a woman getting a ride with a man. The halachos of yichud are very complex.

    Reb Moshe ZT”L held it was assur for a man and lady to be misyachaid in a car even on main streets because we are concerned you might turn off the road, which seems to have happened in this case.

    To take a ride with a man on non populated side streets, even to avoid traffic should be problamatic according to everyone.

    CHAZAL understood human nature and the strength of the Yetzer Horah and were very strict on Yichud. And they were talking about even very frum, erliche men and ladies from all the previous generations. Kal Vachomer for our generation when we are terribly exposed to a culture where things which are accepted now would not be imagined years ago! And for sure not by the fruma oilam!!

    This should be a wake up call for all of us to learn through Hilchos Yichud. It might apply much more then we think!!

    We also should take this as a lesson to strengthen all gidrei Tznius. AL TARBEH SICHA IM ISHA!! And for sure not with you friends wife!! Men should not be on a first name basis with other women. PERIOD!!

    If we don’t take this to heart, the entire lesson goes to waste!!

    A.B.K. With whom was this confirmed?

    Y.W. Editor: I hope this really was confirmed before you let this post through!! It is not your style to allow “rumors” to be posted on your site!!

  15. anonymous, How does Reb Moshe’s psak assuring for a man and lady to be misyachaid in a car fit in with people dating (as is very prevalent today) by car? (just a question; not making a point here.)

  16. Grumpy old man, you’re hysterical! love your post! and everyone else— any chassidish woman from williamsburg who is hitchiking alone with a man, has issues of her own!

  17. Anonymous #23: Very nice post. I was told by a Rebbi that one should not call his friend’s wife by her first name, even when her husband is right there.

    Lifi Aniyas Daati, I think this is a beautiful way to go, and when you call someone’s wife Mrs. so-and-so, as opposed to her first name, you are emphasizing to yourself and to all others that she is the wife of Mr. so-and-so, and not just a person who happens to be a woman, but an Aishes Ish.

  18. I know a couple of you have said pretty much the same thing, but my first thought when reading this was, “Something’s fishy about this story.” I don’t know of any Chasidishe women who would hitchike, and what kind of frum an pulls over to let a woman into his car?

    If it is true, my heart goes out to the woman and her family, but I don’t think that many people who are dealing with a full deck would either hichike or pick up a hitchiker these days.

  19. Will this KOL KOREH apply as well if a woman finds herself on a
    deserted street at night and doesnt feel safe?

    Is it not true that if a woman is drowning a man is MICHUYAV to save her life and if he doesnt he is considered a chasid shoteh? Is it not possible that the yetzer hora can nag at that moment as well?

  20. After the Nesivos- Reb Yaakov M’Lisa passed on, his daughter who was a widow had a daughter (granddaughter to the Nesivos) that was engaged . The mother and daughter hired a non-Jewish wagon driver to take them to a certain city to do some Kallah-shopping for the upcoming wedding. The gentile, who had known of this duped them and brought them to his house. Once there, he called his friends who tied them up and robbed them clean. The wagon driver had to get rid of the evidence, and lit his fireplace in order to throw them in…. Meanwhile the money was on the table, and the driver and his friends argued as how to split it. Well, the door opened as a german officer entered. The scoundrels ran, the officer untied them and returned their money.

    That night the Nesivos appeared in a dream to his daughter telling her: “When I became aware of your predicament I went up high to Daven for you, but to no avail since you transgressed the prohibition of Yichud with a Goy. I therefore went to an even higher place and prayed the merit of the Torah that I spread in Klaal Yisroel with my Sefer ‘Nesivas HaMishpot’ should hold up for me… which saved you. From now on, please be very scrupulous in regard to Yichud. (Lev Eliyahu, Shevivei Lev 124)

    Anonymous, Joseph,

    Sefer Toras HaYichud quotes Reb Shlomo Zalman Z”L, and Reb Elyshiv Shelita as permiting Yichud in a car, on
    a) traveled roads (please consult a Posek as to the definition of “traveled”)
    and b) so long the windows are not tinted or obscured.
    There is no mention of Reb Moshe ZT”L’s ruling in this regard. Are you certain Reb Moshe said it? And If so, did he mean it in all circumstances (afilu ain libo gaass boh etc.) ? Thank you.
    P.S. Please provide sources to Halochic quotations.

  21. anonymous beautiful the halachos of tznius are not so simple & the halachos of tznius neither to put it mildly. To go in a car with a man can be major problems that is why I would rather take a taxi.
    HaKatan also said it ever so right that you are not allowed to call your friend’s wife by her first name & vice versa of course.

  22. HaKatan,
    That is not the reason. There is a certain formality when a woman addresses a man as mister Ploni or Rabbi Ploni and the man address Women as Mrs. so and so or Ms. so and so. The Title is not just to advertise a woman is married. It is to emphasize the relationship is not a casual first name basis like Tzippy, Moishie, Goldie, Burry and Fred in Lakewood. There are Women I know for many years that I would never think of calling by their first name and there are woman that know me for many years and are old enough to be my mother but call me Mr. So and so or Rabbi So and so. A woman who is not your wife, your sister, or your daughter does not get called by her first name. Your shvigger is dee shvigger leben, your shneer is called dee shneer and your shvaigeren is called dee shvaigeren, or Moishie’s wife. This not new. There are chassidim that do not call their wife by her first name because it is not Tznius. עייו שבת קיח: וגיטין נב. א

  23. YerushalayimIrKodesh, You can have the same issue in a taxi if the driver and passenger are opposite genders.

  24. nameless, only if she is name less. If she has a name she may be saved.

    Obviously an issur isn’t so rigid that it prevents pekuach nefesh. It applies in all circumstances except as such.

  25. Sorry for my mistake I meant to say: beautiful the halachos of yichud are not so simple & the halachos of tznius neither to put it mildly. To go in a car with a man can be major problems that is why I would rather take a taxi.
    HaKatan also said it ever so right that you are not allowed to call your friend’s wife by her first name & vice versa of course.

  26. the problem of calling women by their first name should also be addressed as osur to do in the work place. Too many bosses hire young married women and then call them by their first name. Often the women feel uncomfortable and worried about not insulting their boss accept this. The boss is doing an unbelievable avloh, has no idea what an onesh he is bringing himself (and also cheapening this womens marriage) and chillul hashem and anybody who can work to stop this is making a huge kiddush hashem.

  27. Lukshen Kugel (#22): You note that many rabbonim were matir women to drive. With no insult intended, only my curiosity, why were women originally forbidden to drive (I am assuming that there was heter to permit them to drive, then they must have previously been forbidden from driving)?

    Was this edict applicable to all places (i.e., in NY, you can get everywhere by public transportation, but in some places, one must drive because there is no subway or adequate bus service)?

    Thank you,


  28. This is caused by the insane ruling that it is not tzniusdik for women to drive, because they didnt drive in the alter heim, where there were no cars. Thus where ever you go you see women wlaking in the street and taking rides from low-life taxi drivers. I ask you is that more tzniusdik then being safely ensconced in a car? These rabbis ought to get real and give serious thought to what they have brought about and restore tznius to the chasidishe women!

  29. Telegrok;

    I think the reason for women being prohibited to drive was because they should not be given too much freedom. When one has a car they are not as limited in their lives, they explore certain places and can have the yetzer hora to associate with savory charachters, I stand to be corrected but I think thats the reason

  30. A woman should NEVER get into a car with any man she doesn’t know, and for that matter should NEVER open her door to any Meshulach if her husband is not home (especially at night) The world these days is crazy-why put yourself into an obvious Sakanah!

    Edited by Site Moderation Panel: Please watch the L”H……… 🙂

  31. I live in Willie and am chassidish and couldn’t agree more with Pete(#38). The subsequent comment by nameless is total nonesense. I think men need to be more deprived of freedom than women, as they are usually more susceptible to machshoiles.The responsibilities women have today makes it more important for them to drive as many of them work, and those that don’t take their kids to school and have other obligations that require a trip. I think too that the belief that it is not tznius for women to drive is founded on the same ideals that pete stated above and is totally primitive. Women are in greater danger when walking the streets or using public transportation.

  32. Oldtimer,

    If there has been a certain ruling by Rabonim that prohiBits WOMEN and not MEN, then How dare you refute it?

  33. I will now repeat telgrok’s question. Was there an official issur by rabbonim, or is it merely a cultural spirit that has come to be accepted over the years? Who decided that driving is a man’s thing and doesn’t belong to a woman. The community casts much scorn on women who drive and I believe many women want to drive but don’t have the guts.

  34. Eliezer – Those relatives are more distant than a sister or mother.

    oldtimer – Many people want to eat treif and don’t have the guts. That is a good thing and doesn’t prove that treif is good. Yidden have a midda of busha. If the Rabbonim of the kehila paskened in their Daas Torah that a woman should not drive, then a woman in that kehila should not drive whether you understand their reasoning or not.

  35. Kol Hakovod to you Joseph. Yes, have derech eretz for the Gedoley Yisroel. Even if we don’t understand why they do/say certain things.

  36. y.k.:
    See Igros Moshe Even Haezer Chelek Daled Siman Samach Hay Ois Gimmel. He does of some hateirim for a man to travel in a car with a lady, but only B’shaas Hadchak. I am also aware yhat others do argue on Reb Moshe ZT’L. But it does show the how severe the issur Yichud should be taken.

    Also see Igros Moshe Chelek Yorah Daeh Bais Siman Pay Bais where he speaks about a lady going with a male taxi driver. In that case there are other Hateirim such as oisek b’milachto and the fear of loosing his job. And still Reb Moshe is only Matir B’shaas Hadchak B’mokom Mitzvah.

  37. And now I’m thinking, if, for example, somone named Goldberg has four married sons, and they have a family gettogether, he will have to address all is daughters-in-law as Mrs. Goldberg!!! How very strange indeed.

  38. I have the same question about greeting. Is there anything wrong in greeting a neighbor, etc? I’m not talking about making conversation, just nodding in acknowledgement.

  39. nameless, it might be accepted to do to address your daughters-in-law by their first name but it’s osser. They are just that daughters-in-law.

  40. YIH

    Your comment reminds me of an incident in school where we discussed this very issue. Ourteacher told us ‘ de frimkeit ligt nisht du’.

    Its certainly not an issur that will plague a person after 120. Please dont respond by saying that calling your daughter in law by her first name is a sever tzinuus prohibition!

  41. Eliezer, Mr. Goldberg (the father-in-law) can call his daughter-in-laws as Mrs. Chaim Goldberg, Mrs. Yankel Goldberg, Mrs. Avraham Goldberg, and Mrs. Moshe Goldberg!

    A solution to a not-so-complex problem.

  42. The solution for the multiple daughters-in-law with the same last name is simple. Call each of them by a different disparaging nickname. This will 1)protect you from the issur of calling a woman by her first name, and 2) create sinah towards you, thereby minimizing the likelihood of any immoral behavior or inappropriate close relationship developing.

    For example: Hey “Ugly”, your baby woke up etc.. Now of course the insults dont have to be so offensive. But they must be offensive enough to accomplish the goal. As a side benefit, the daughters-in-law will unlikely ever visit again so that you will for sure never have a problem.

    (Yes I know that there are multiple issurim that you would be oiover in doing this, but we have a concept of Ais Lasos LaHashem.)

    (YW Editor – Lets see how many humorless people think that I was serious on this one – hee hee)

  43. Just as I suspected, Yerushalayim cannot quote a source. I have been in hundreds of different homes, with Yidden of every stripe and I have NEVER seen a father-in-law call his daughter-in-law Mrs. Soandso.
    Seems farfetched to me, and doesn’t make any sense. Once again, I ask, is there really a Psak on this?

  44. at one time we had three neighbors all with the name Teitelbaum. We started reffering to them as Teitelbaum – Aleph, Teitelbaum – Bais and Teitelbaum – Gimmel. if one would call for my wife, i would tell her Mrs. Teitalbaum aleph, bais or gimmel) is on the phone. It worked for us (and the Teitelbaums who all know our lettering scheme) – it will work for Goldberg and his Daughters-in-law.

    anyway… I guess from now on I should refer to bas melech as Miss/Mrs Bas Melech and Kolelwife as Mrs. Kolelewife and Miss/Mrs Nameless should addrss G.O.M as Mr. Grumpy Old Man and so on…

    have a wonderful Shabbos to all by Friends and Miss/Mrs. Friends out there.

  45. Got a better solution. It says you that you are not supposed to adress your FRIEND’S wife by her first name. Turn that friend into an ENEMY and the prob is solved!!!:)))

    Good Shabbos All

  46. MD,

    what I meant to say is that if they become ENEMIES then they are not FRIENDS and calling their wives by their first name is not an issur!!!!

    The Halocho says ‘FRIEND’S wife, not ENEMIE’S wife,,,,,

  47. note: If anyone reading my (hopefully humorous) posts thinks that I am making light of the issue of not calling women by their first name – that was not my intent.

    This is a serious subject as has been discussed in various posts by others above better than I am able to do so. If people were offended in anyway, and/or felt that I was not showing proper Kavod – please acccept my apology.

    Additionally, the issue of hitchhiking by both men, ladies and children is a serious issue and one that should be addressed by those who are able to do so.
    In Monsey, I have had kids attempt to open my doors when I stopped for a stop sign or a redlight. on well traveled side streets, I have had kids stick their thumbs out and walk into the street forcing me to stop. Recently, in a grocery store parking lot a young lady approached me and asked for a ride (granted I was with three of my kids (KE’H) at the time). Once while driving, I saw a mother waving her arms frantically, I stopped to see what the problem was – her 10 year-old needed a ride somewhere, could I, a complete stranger to her, take him.

    I think it is time to start a grass-roots no hitch-hiking campaign – anyone with a printer can join in – notices (english/yiddish) should be printed and hung up in bus stops, on telephone polls and handed out to hitchers. I am open to suggestions for wording – anyone have any ideas?

  48. Md Levine,

    Its interesting that you apologized about some harmless humour. I am rereading some of the posts and one struck me very odd. The comment includes the , ‘ Al tarbeh Sicha Im Isha’ he adds PERIOD!!!! He says it with conviction and is apparantly very makpid on tzinus,,,KOL HAKOVOD; But really, should a guy like that be posting on internet???

    YW is a wonderful site but it certainly is NOT a mitzvah to post here and for an individual who is so concerned about tzinus has to realize that he IS conversing with women, I find it a bit disingenuos,

  49. i agree with you – my concern was that this thread was going to start going the way others have with people accusing each other of lacking derech eretz and no respect for the Gedolim, so I figured I would try to cut that off before it starts
    all the best,

  50. the problm isnt yichud (heterim are mentioned here)

    the problem is that one is not allowed to travel alone during the three weeks (drei vochen) between 4-9 hrs (corresponding to approximately 930-1015 am to 445-6pm; the hyphenation discrepancy is because of beginning or end of 4 and 9 hrs)

    check last siman of shulchan aruch hlchos three weeks.

    and besides, yw begins the post saying yesterday; well “yesterday” was shiva asar b’tamuz, another (related) issue.

    also, “yesterday” all my troubles seemed so far away.

  51. Nameless is correct. We are probably conversing with many different women right here on YW, albiet, without knowing, so the issur probably doesn’t apply.
    Perhaps YW editor should enforce an “identity” policy, whereby anyone who posts, it should be clear if they are a man, woman, mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, etc.
    I truely believe that YW editor is being Machsheel this whole Oilam by allowing people to remain anonomys.
    For all everyone here knows, I, eliezer, may be your very own daughter-in-law. I would very much appreciate being referred to as Mrs. Eliezer!!!

  52. eliezer, you may be making light of it, but the fact is many yidden are machmir too minimize talking to people of the opposite gender. This is a great mitzvah and shmura.

    See Pirkei Avos.

  53. Eliezer,

    My point was that MD was apologizing . My question was, to who exactly????

    Those posters who are contributing humour obviously dont need an apology and those who SERIOUSLY are concerned with Tzinus and quoting Gedolim on this matter, should go the whole nine yards, and stay away from internet annonymous or not!

  54. nameless, In other words you believe anyone posting on YW should not be people who are seriously concerned about tzinius.

  55. Lets not make ‘strudel’ out of this. Again, I dont think anyone posting here deserves an apology for some harmless humour made with regard to tzinius.

  56. I realized after my post post which was an attempt at humor that due to the serious nature of the conversation, perhaps the humor was out of line. We are all familiar with the concept that an entire mussar lesson can be lost if at the end, someone cracks a joke – thus my apology.

    I don’t think that posting on YW is an issue (or I would not be doing it). There are other sites that people exchange email addresses – these sites are big problems because from there men and women can become friendly – here on YW that can’t happen.

  57. Moe, I am friendly with everybody :-)(just not TOO friendly) Disclaimer: other posters may disagree and some may vehemently disagree with my first statement!

    What I meant to say (and I will try to be delicate) is that on other sites (sites that allow for chat and exchange of email addresses, phone numbers etc,) men and women can become TOO friendly. —> YW Editor correct me if I am wrong, but my assumption is that you would NEVER either forward an email nor contact information from one poster to another

  58. Mdlevine,

    ‘YW Editor correct me if I am wrong, but my assumption is that you would NEVER either forward an email nor contact information from one poster to another’

    Say for example a poster claims to be a lawyer and I would happen to be in need of one, you think it would be improper for the editor to give me contact info for fear that we might become ‘TOO FRIENDLY’,,,,???

    Or lets say I can sense that I am familiar with a certain person posting here(it happened) and I would want to make contact with him for whatever reason, should YW not help me??

  59. I would say most certainly not.

    Especially considering making light of tzinius issues.

    You can never be too careful in this regard.

  60. WSX

    You dont know me!! I think even attempting to be ‘choished’ someone based on a few remarks made on this blog(along with otheres) is much worst than any harmless converstion with a man that might have ‘toeles’!!
    Think please next time you are about to be ‘motzih shem roh’

  61. ps, what are you dong posting on internet at 1:15 in the morning???

    Here in Europe its another day already!

  62. Ahem, its pretty early in Europe. Comment # 80 was made at 5:44 AM London time 🙂 Apparently some people are early-birds, while others are night-owls.

    I don’t see why someone cannot comment on your remarks here, based on what you said here (without having to assume they are an exception to your personality.–And even if they are, the remarks are directed at your comments here, not at your life in general.)

  63. Ahem Ahem, who says I live in London??
    Other cities in Europe are 1 hour ahead of London,,,

    If the remarks are directed at my comments, then we agree, THESE ARE JUST COMMENTS, Jokes, nothing more!!! So there would be absolutley nothign wrong with YW providing info contact if I needed it!!

  64. ‘Apparently some people are early-birds, while others are night-owls.’

    Is there no Gemoroh in the vicinity of this particular night owl???

  65. Ehh, what about a Tehilim in the vicinity of that particular early-bird?

    I suppose your message is yw should shut shop and we should all do more productive pastures.

  66. not shut shop exactly but we should do more productive pastures anyways!!

    re-Tehilim, you have a point! However I heard of bitul Torah’, never heard of Bitul Tehillim though:)))

  67. I was just expanding on your thoughts. You said you never heard of “Bitul Tehilim”, so I was helping you out with a definition that I am sure you did hear of.


  68. MiMedinat HaYam said the problem isnt yichud (heterim are mentioned here).
    It is a problem & anyways who is looking for haterim we should be looking to be machmir not haterim. Kol Hamachmir yovo brocho!

  69. eliezer just because Yerushalayim didn’t quote a
    source doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Sometime people just know something & don’t quote it. You can check in the Hebrew sefer Keter Hatznius if you would like to. Just because you did or didn’t see something doesn’t make it right. Sometimes people have to use their common sence.

  70. YerusholayimirKodesh

    ‘we should be looking to be machmir not haterim. Kol Hamachmir yovo brocho!’

    Its says ‘vochai bohem’. We are not obligated to make our lives more difficult.
    Reb Itzikel of Pshevorsk who was a Rebbe in Antwerp years ago said that when life was good for Yidden and everyone was happy it was a CHIYUV to constantly be makpid on everyhting. HOWEVER, since w

  71. no, I remember writing the rest and submitting. Anyways my point is that Reb Itzekel said that since we are in such abitter Golus with so much tzar we should be able to breathe a bit. He was maykil that people can travel in the 9 days and if someone really feels sick on TB he may drink etc. Many Chassidisher Rebbes tried very hard to find Heterim for people because of this very reason….Golus is difficult enough

  72. 100.

    And with that we slam the lid on things in this post. And until the next post, this is Joseph reminding you, your influence counts. Use it!

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