Former NYS Assemblyman Sam Hirsch Arrested in Flatbush


sam_hirsch.jpgMr. Samuel Hirsch, who was a NYS Assemblyman from 1977 through 1982 was just arrested in front of Eichlers Seforim Store on Coney Island Avenue in Flatbush. An eye witness has informed Yeshivaworld, that there was an ongoing incident involving a different individual with the NYPD, when Mr. Hirsch attempted to talk to the officers. A scuffle broke out, and – according to multiple eye witnesses – Mr. Hirsch was hit multiple times by the cops. He was then handcuffed and arrested (for OGA / Obstructing Government Administration), and dragged into a 70th PCT police car.

Yeshivaworld has confirmed that Mr. Hirsch is being taken to “Central Booking”, and that an investigation is being launched due to his claims of being beaten.

As Yeshivaworld gets more info, we will update the story.

Note: (From Samuel Hirsch & Associates, P.C.:) Samuel Hirsch graduated from New York University Law School in 1972. Prior to establishing his own law firm, Mr. Hirsch was a trial assistant to Jacob D. Fuchsberg, of the firm of Fuschsberg & Fuschsberg, who later became an Associate Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals. He has also held positions as an assistant corporation council for the New York City Law Department and subsequently as a Law Assistant in the New York State Supreme Court. He became active in politics and was elected to office as a New York State assemblyman from 1977 through 1982.

Mr. Hirsch has been in private practice for more than twenty (25) years. His firm concentrates its practice in the area of litigating profound and complex personal injury actions resulting from construction, labor, automobile and slip and fall accidents.

He has been a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Legal Defense Panel, New York State Bar Association and many other legal groups.


  1. I will never forget his daughter holding a sign that asked people to vote for her tatty.

    I cannot imagine such a mentch doing anything to be klapped around like we are hearing.

  2. when this is all over the officer will be sorry. mr. hirsch is a very close friend of mine, HE dosent just get into trouble. he must have been helping out someone. and he got locked up? there must be more to this story.

  3. I spoke to my brother who was in a nearby resturant and heard the screaming and came out to see what was going on.

    He told me that they did in fact hit him multiple times and the was police brutality all the way.

  4. Sorry your father is being put through this.

    Don’t worry. He will come out shining as he always does, and the cops will pay big time.

    They picked the wrong person.

    Actually, I’m happy he was arrested, and I hope they hassle him a bit more. Perhaps someone will finally teach these cops how to act like humans.

    I hope your father uses all his connections in the Law industry to make this case something HUGE.

  5. I think the fact that Mr. Hirsch’s daughter saw all these posts shows us how careful we have to be. While it may seem that we are innocent onuas dvarim and loshon horah may be happening inadvertantly.

  6. These cops were out for blood and getting physical with them would serve no purpose at all.

    I am fighting back by going online and posting comments here and on my blog.

  7. this man is my father as well. he is an amazing person always trying to help others. i know he is innocent and people should be down by the precinct sticking up for your fellow jew!!

  8. this is my father as well. i am sitting not knowing what in the world happened to him. i just cant beleive it. my father is an amzing man who is always trying to help others so i know that he is 100% innnocent. everyone should be down by the precinct sticking uo for a man that is always out to help others

  9. rikki, don’t take illini too seriously. He instictively blames the Jew in such incidents.

    illini, multiple witnesses, including some posting here, have seen the cops manhandle him.

  10. A Kappitel Tehillim by everyone of us loyal readers of YN for the sake of Mr Hirsch will show our Ahavas Chinom and achieve the Kiddush HaShem we so desperately need now. Rikki and Brocha we are with you all in thought and tfilloh

  11. From the lengthy, glowing, tributary, biography of Mr. Hirsch it would seem that YW has already investigated the incident, analyzed all the evidence, and passed judgement condemning the police. Wow! That was quick! Mr. Hirsch’s service to the Klal notwithstanding, don’t you think the police deserve more than 15 seconds worth of the benefit if the doubt? Perhaps the story is not as clear as the “thousands” of clear-sighted, obviously non-biased people who ‘witnessed’an innocent Askan being brutally beaten by the vicious, anti-Semitic cops. I say let’s wait and see if perhaps the details will bcome more clear. Whenever there is a Jew-Cop altercation-the Jews aren’t always right and the Cops aren’t always wrong!

    Editor Responds: Kindly submit a comment which implies where YW has “already investigated the incident, analyzed all the evidence, and passed judgement condemning the police.” Al we quoted were multiple eye witnesses. The only part we confirmed was “Mr. Hirsch is being taken to “Central Booking”, and that an investigation is being launched due to his claims of being beaten.”

    It would be appreiciated, and I’m sure the readership would like to see that as well.

    We are waiting.

  12. Why was it necessary for YW to provide Mr. Hirsch’s entire Bio? I didn’t notice the police officers’ bios posted. Why the quick rush to show character support?

    Editors Response: Kindly get us officers bio’s, and we will be more than happy to publicize them.

  13. breaking news i heard from the PD he is filing a law suit 4 counts of abuse one count of illegal arrest and 3 unknown against the cops and the city!

  14. Post nos.6 says HE witnessed the WHOLE thing and they treated him like a dog; So according to you, Mr. Hirsch very politley tried to negotiate with the cops, and all of a sudden they just started to beat him, and handcuf him.

    It says ‘Al Taamod al Dam Reyecho’. Why didnt any of these witnesses get ont their cell phones and call for help? Cops who beat up on innocent civillians just for kicks, are not above the law!!!

  15. Listen Takeh and illini…… I know this man personally and he is 100% innocent. Everyone is quick to show character support because whoever knows Mr. Hirsch knows that he is a smart man who only does what is right!!!! So before you go and judge him and stick up for that violent cop, maybe you should think twice about it.

  16. as one of the people who helped mr hirsh launch his run for office when we took a walk down 13th avenue
    not knowing what happened last night i can help but remember one shabbos when we had a friendly gathering in front of the 66th preicent and the police went nuts and it was sam hirsh who tried to quite it down it was his reward to get his head split opened
    he has done many things to help people in the past i know of a case where he took on a client who was accused of doing something that he didn’t do mr hirsh took the case pro bono
    i am sure his intentions were in good faith and was trying to help and the police officer had over reacted
    i hope that this matter will be resolved very quickly and the police officer should be dealt with accordingly

  17. This is Going to be Huge, Goes To show how uninformed NYPD is:
    At least they should know who they are messing with!!1
    this cop will be put away for long time.

  18. Liten Takeh and illini I know Mr. Hirsch and his whole family and let me tell you that he is 100% innocent. He is an honest man who was just sticking up for someone who was being treated unfairly!! This cop obviously has way too much pride!!! So do me a favor and before you are so quick to judge Mr. Hirsch why don’t you just think twice about it!!!

  19. I said “it would seem that” YW has already investigated the incident, analyzed all the evidence, and passed judgement condemning the police. SEEM being the operative word. I defy the editor or any of YW’s readership to show me any news story reporting an altercation between 2 parties where a lengthy, respectful, admiring bio is provided for one, or even both parties! It doesn’t exist. Therefore, the conclusion I arrived at is that it SEEMS as if, YW has already investigated the incident, analyzed all the evidence, and passed judgement condemning the police. As for getting the officers’ bios, I believe my first response makes that point rather irrelevant because the issue is why any bios were provided in a news story before the dust even settled.

    Editors Response: The reason why Mr Hirsch’s Bio was added to the post, was that 90% of the Frum community have no clue who this man was/is – period.

    YW did not, and does not take any sides in this incident. We merely reported the incident as we received it – from numerous eye-witness accounts.

  20. the police have two annoying habits that are relevant here

    1. they dont want “civilians” trying to find out what is going on in their own neighborhoods

    2. they dont want anyone impugning the honor of the police(men).

    unfortunately, by trying to find out what was going on, and by trying to help out the “different individual” mr hirsch was “interfering” with them, and thus (improperly) subject to arrest.

    something must be done about this, but this has been going on for years, and no one will do anything about this.

    the “askanim” in the community dont want to do anything, as long as they continue to get their “govt programs” and as long as the policemen and politicians continue to come to their dinners (breakfasts).

    as an aside (perhaps i should post this in the other story), there was a (number of)rapes of a bais yaakov girl a number of years ago by local (66 precinct) policemen a number of years ago (at 54st and new utrcht / 13th ave). “askanim” at the time decided not to do anything about this, since a: they wanted to be on the “good” side of the local police, and b: the girl was “russian” so she had no one to advocate for her and c: it as “consensual” in the context of she was at the time agreeable, but underage (at the beginning, later she was of age; this involved a few incidents of the same girl). there was an official investigation / coverup, and the policemen involved (though originally were to lose their jobs) remain in good standing, some remaining in the same precinct(in boro park).

    my point is, NOITHING is done about these things, so, unfortunately, nothing will be done here.

  21. YW Editor, Allow me to add one point: At the end of the news story you wrote “As Yeshivaworld gets more info, we will update the story.” That should have been the end of the story. Instead, you added a “Note” and a lengthy Bio. Gratuitous and unnecessary, it would seem; hence my original posting.

  22. Perri,
    I have NOT in any way judged Mr. Hirsch. On the contrary-to a Yid there is a chiyuv of Dan L’Kaf Zechus. I merely expressed cynicism and disdain for people like you who are so quick to judge the cops as “brutally beating an innocent man, etc” without knowing the details.

  23. takeh,
    i do know the whole story!! Obviously that is why i wrote what i wrote. Unfortunately its true, they did beat Mr. Hirsch up for absolutely no reason. Thanx for all your support for your fellow jew!!!!

  24. Keep in mind we are in the middle of the “9 Days” and history has a way of repeating itself, unfortunatly. The fact that this happened to a very well known person could be Hashem’s way of telling the Klal to do teshuvah.

  25. i personally know mr. sam hirsch , he is the most reputable decent & honest person there is. it is an atrocity that such an incident should happen in our community.shame on the officers

  26. The reason we judge the cops so quickly is because their past history speaks for itself.
    The police department is not known for their
    compassion and respect. On the contrary.

    They take any opportunity to be nasty to a Yid.
    ANY YID.

    It’s Halachah. Eisav Soinah L’Yakov.

  27. By sweeping these incidents under the rug and making nice nice, we are just encouraging these things to go on.

    Stop worrying about cozying up to the politicians and police and stop their rotten behavior.

    If it takes another Boro Park riot, then so be it.

  28. Takeh,
    If you read all the postings, you will see that all the witnesses that were there saw that the cops brutally beat an innocent man. So i’m wondering, since you are so cynical, were you there? Maybe you should take that into account before you show such disdain for people like me!

  29. Everyone take a step back and relax. Let it play out. One would think that we run this country with all the bold statements.
    Remember where we are ! Existing every second unharmed only with Hashems help.

  30. To the entire Hirsch family:

    Please know that we are with you, and while there are many posters defending the police, as they have historically been good to us, this is not intended as a slap to your dear father.

    The comments by those that hate us will always be disruptive and are intended to illicit erratic responses, which as good bloggers we promptly provide.

    illini07 is an old foe who will always be biased against religious Jews so pay her no heed.

    Grump: where are you when we need you most? Please post responsibly, we are being watched by the world again.

    Kol Tuv

  31. If it takes another Boro Park riot, then so be it.

    Thank you for so clearly illustrating what is so wrong with your way of thinking. People like you are an embarresment to Klal Yisrael.

  32. A few months ago when the story broke about the YU guy getting manhandled by cops from the 70th, many people (including myself) were doubtful that these allegations were in fact true, and if they were, we all thought that there must be another side that was not reported.

    I think I get the clear picture now exactly whats going on in the 70th.

  33. “If it takes another Boro Park riot so be it.”

    Please tell me you’re kidding. Boro Park riots are Chillul Hash-m par excellance. As Bnei Yisroel we should hold ourselves to a higher standard, not acting like a lowly mindless mob. In this situation, as with all other Tzaros we should use our K’lei Umnus which is T’fillah and Daven to Hash-m that nothing like this should ever happen again.

    And as a side point, being that it is the 9 days we should be trying extra hard to show Ahavas Yisroel – and no beter place to start then these blogs.

  34. What I find interesting is how Illini, in post #10, writes “Why the assumption that the Cops unnecessarily brutalized the man?”

    Who assumed anything??? In the nine posts that preceded Illini’s, several people claimed to be eyewitnesses or said they had spoken to eyewitnesses. One person said “*IF* the story is true…” Another said “there must be more to the story.”

    All in all, perhaps two people prior to post 10 made the assumption, and post #2 actually gave a good reason to make this assumption.

  35. illini – you have an attitude of the Jew is wrong. You’re bringing up a serial killer to make some sick comparison is sickening despite any so-called qualification you made.

    What is this business about some “BP riots”? There was never any riots, other than in the imagination of the sensationalist media. Its sad how some Jews will blame Jews regardless.

  36. My dear illini:

    Being a religious Jew means accepting the authority of Hashem who through Moshe at Sinai. This is a direct contradiction to your desire for rationality as all our chukim mean our acceptance of Hashem and his Torah regardless of what you or I consider rational.

    My primary beef with you is your blatant disregard for the Torah’s disdain for “mishkivei zochor” and your failure to respect this due to it’s irrationality.
    I therefore stand by my accusation calling you anti-religious especially if I can use those words to comfort the Hirsch family.

    I’m sorry if you are irked by being called a “her”, however I think it is the rational thing for me to do.


  37. illini, we know, we know. All the witnesses here are big liers. You, on the other hand, have a good grip of what happened despite not being there.

  38. velicher choosid – when you asked for a post from the grump were you referring to blogger “grump” or was it simply shorthand for yours truly? If you intended me, you can use the acronym GOM. It will minimize the confusion among us grumps.

    Velicher, (may I call you that, or do you prefer VC?)I am a little dismayed by your actions, publicly picking a fight with a female blogger. What kind of choosid are you?

    Illini07 wrote “I do not know HOW many times I have to tell you that”. Are you two married?

    Anyway – getting back to the unfortunate incident at hand – does anyone know the outcome that came from the police scuffle with Mr. Schick this past year? The outcome there may give some indication as to how this might end up (although the cases are of course different.)


  39. VC – jusyt saw your last post – If you and illini are not married (and even if you are), please refrain from referring to her as “My dear”. Many readers, myself included, are affended by such public displays of affection among strangers. It is not considered acceptable in “The Yeshiva World”.

  40. Its sad to hear that in the year 2007 similarites to 1942 come to mind.
    I thought that this behaviour is limited to Europe where antisemitism is on a rise.
    Wishing Mr. Hirsch a speedy recovery and reconciliation with his family and friends.

  41. i was there when it happened. the cops pulled a car over for weaving and he went over to them for no reason. when they were arresting him he was resisting. thats the facts!!(they tried to put him in the car and he was fighting it)

  42. I figured it out. Since the 70th precinct lost their best & brightest – due to the Abner Louima story, they haven’t accomplished anything of imnportance. At least they can now show that they aren’t prejudiced, they hurt whomever they want to – regardless of race, creed or color.

  43. illini, I don’t know why you have chosen to read and interpret those first nine posts the way you did.

    Since you seem to be refusing to notice the obvious (for example, does the word “eyewitness” mean anything to you?), I don’t see how my explaining it will correct YOUR assumptions.

  44. illini07, just change it to “ill”, because thats what it seems you are – ill.

    Which part did you not understand from last night?

    I wrote “i wittnessed this entire thing.
    they teated him like a dog”??

    There were more than 100 people watching this take place.

    Stop sticking up for the 70 chayos – yes that’s exactly what they are – CHAYOS.

  45. Interesting that you haven’t posted my previos comments. apparently you do have a bias and as others have commented it seems strange how quickly you posted the story with mr. hirsch’s “ad”. Either you are being used as a “patsy” for a publicity stunt or you are helping him use all of us.

    Moderation Panel Responds: Unfortunately your comment was vicious Lashon Hara. If you can’t figure out why, we can not help you. We have no clue who Mr. Hirsch is, and do not take any sides.

  46. It’s pretty obvious that I should not waste my time on you, but let me make myself clear.

    I was less then 10 feet away yelling at the cops to get their paws off of him.

    By the way, Rav Aron Schecter’s son (Nosson Schecter) was right in there too, as well as a Hatzolah member (I think his name was Sruly Rosenthal).

    Stop looking for a way out, ILL.

  47. Guys, why don’t we all just ignore illini07? He seems to add mostly heat and very little light. Since he seems to enjoy friction and antagonizing others, if we ignore him maybe he will go to a more appropriate site for him, such as anti-yeshiva world.

    Editor Responds: Are you referring to this website? 🙂 🙂

  48. Illini07,
    Do you believe in being “Dan L’Kaf Zechus,” which applies to your fellow Jew, and not to a non-Jewish cop?
    If you do belive it, then you have absolutely no right to say, “I oppose irrationality in man’s action/reaction.” We are obligated to be Dan L’Kaf Zechus even irrationally, even when it may be most difficult to come up with a rational “excuse” for what we saw. How much more so when the overriding eyewitness accounts all seem to point in favor of the Yid, and even more so when one party is a Yid and the other is not.
    Why do you hate Yidden so much that you can’t be Dan them L’Kaf Zechus? And you won’t even believe your follow Yidden’s eyewitness accounts.
    Time after time you shove “your fellow” Yidden into the ground for the sake of your rationality.
    It is very disturbing and certainly completely K’Neged the Torah.

  49. Listen guys, illini nebech needs our help. We should try to encourage him and try to be mekarev him, rather than engage him in his machla.

  50. does anybody know what the record for most posts to a YW story? was it neturai karto, elal, the matzo-bus police, the fallsburgh police or this?

  51. Illini07 – I must admit that for a while you had me going there, and I thought that you were serious. But I got a good laugh when you said “whatever the undefined “it” is”.

    (Remember Bill Clinton’s testimony before the Grand Jury: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”)

    Pretty funny stuff (for a connoisseur of sarcasm such as myself.)


  52. Hey ‘Yosef Hatzaddik’,

    Its not proper for someone with your name sake to make such disparaging, sarcastic remarks towards afellow poster. Besides, you might lose your enigmatic job here at YW.

    Next time, please give us a more convincing performance!

  53. 1st of all there were maybe 10 ppl there when he actually got arrested, and not 1 person heard he said to the cops, so anyone who says no one could say he shouldnt have been arrested. ppl just saw the way he was being treated and called it abuse. i saw him resisting and thats y he got heard. and there were never close to 100 ppl there(about 40).

  54. Samuel Hirsch was a nys assemblyman for borough park in the late 70’s and early 80’s. One friday night in December 1978 an old jew was murdered. The next day 3,000 chassidim rioted and took over and destroyed the 66th police precient on 16th av.

    Most of the cops ran for their lives.

    Samuel Hirsch was there as well and he got his head bashed in by the cops.I remember motzai shabbos watching him being interviewed on tv with a bloddy bandage on his head.

    I heard that the bobover rebbe went ballistic when he heard the news. It was rumored that some of the rabble rousers were from bobov.

    Anyway, no one was arrested since all the security cameras were destroyed.

  55. Illini07,
    “ALL I am saying is that we should WAIT to hear what happened in totality before making our final judgments,” this statement flies directly and forcefully in the face of Dan L’Kaf Zechus, it is diametrically the opposit of Dan L’Kaf Zechus.
    In fact, we are obligated to do exactly what you say we shouldn’t do! We are obligated to MAKE a final judgement without waiting, and that judgement must be L’Kaf Zechus.
    Even without eye witnesses, a Koshura Yid is involved and you are obligated to judge him favorably with finality even before hearing all the facts.
    Your failure to see this truth is the very definition of Lo Sisneh Es Ochicha Bilvovecha, which, in turn, very blatantly proves your hate.

  56. 1st of all there were maybe 10 ppl there when he actually got arrested, and not 1 person heard what he said to the cops, so no one could say he shouldnt have been arrested. ppl just saw the way he was being treated and called it abuse. i saw him resisting and thats y he got hurt. and there were never close to 100 ppl there(about 40).

  57. Just to remind readers that officers of the 70th precinct were the ones who viciously attacked Abner Louima several years back. Some of the attackers may have been found out and imprisoned, but everyone who was present there that day and kept silent was culpable. Too many of these cops are not friendly boy scouts, they are anti-semitic and racist, with a history of violence and unnecessary force in the community.

  58. db, thank you for that point. You are correct. The 70th precinct is where the police monsters who viciously attacked Louima are from.

  59. After Gidone Busch was shot in cold blooded murder, we all waited for the process to happen, and did not raise an outcry, as per the advice of our “leaders”.

    We all know how that process went. Witnesses were ignored, and the case was dismissed with everyone acquitted.

    So kudos for Mr Hirsch for not sitting idly, and taking action!

  60. Sam
    Listen, this happened for a greater cause. If the cops beat me up I’d be forced to lick my wounds and move on. Not you, Sam, you know how to fight back. Go for it all the way and get them back for what they did to you 26 years ago. I’ll never forget that Shabbos when the cops beat you on the head and your entire face was covered in blood.

    And you, Ruthy, hang in there. You, better than anyone else, knows how Sam reacts when he’s antagonized. You know what’s coming so let him do what he does best. Trust me, he’ll show off the cops for the arrogent twerps that they are and he’ll show himself off as the single attorney who is able to overcome the infamous “blue wall of silence” Go for it Sam!

    Rikki, right on! I’m proud of you for voicing your pride in your father. He’s a real great guy.

  61. I Know Sam very well he is a great guy and he stands up for what is right and I only hope that pepole would learn to stand up for what is right even if they are from a diffrent race or religon Thank you Sam

  62. I remember that 66th Precinct riot very well. I remember Sam Hirsch dripping blood, and being held up so he could speak to the oilam from the roof of the police station. He is a brave man, and I applaud him for coming to the aid of whoever it was that was arrested.

  63. I dont know Sam, so i cannot say anything in terms of his character, but i was there when the whole thing started, and missed only how he got involved. what i did see though, was 2 undercovers pulling someone over for reckless driving, i turned the corner for a minute, and as i came back, i saw a jewish guy being led over to a police car, in cuffs. the cops seemed to be doing nothing more than their jobs, and he was screaming and struggling with them. refusing to get in the car. he was yelling about police brutality before they did anything to him.
    I asked countless pe3ople there how he got himself involved, but until i saw all the comments here it seemed that no one had actually seen the whole thing. a variety of people did/do have video footage of the story, starting from halfway through, after he was fighting with the cops. (reminds me of the rodney king tapes….)
    From what i saw, the cops seemed to be completely in the right. I apologize to the daughters of sam hirsch, but there was no excessive force until he started fighting with them, and refusing to get in the car.
    the NYPD, may or may not be anti-semites, but this had nothing to do with it, this was standard police work. someone refused to get in the car, so they physically put him in.

    -post 75: if you witnessed the whole thing, how did you see “over 100 people” there were nowhere near that….

  64. illini and velicher choosid: im very disappointed at the way you yiddelech are behaving! like little children. please keep youre comments relevant to the news and refrain from throwing distasteful remarks at one another. a jew who cares

  65. Sorry to hear this sad news,
    hope he goes home soon,
    i hope he apoligizes for being a good citizen.
    (eisav soneh es yakov, he might be right but it’s still GOLUS)

  66. once again it comes to choices that we have to make. most of us reading the story and the “eyewitness” accounts (which may or may not be true) have no clue.

    with that being entered, I will choose to be Dan L’Kaf Zechus the Yid in this and all cases.

    b/t/w himmelstein – I think the donut story was up to 117 or so. if my post makes it to prime time, only 4 more to pass the donuts

  67. Dvorah, have no fear. We do not allow our brothers to linger in custody. for even one extra moment. He has been a free man pretty quickly.

    We take the mitzvah of Pidyon Shevuyim very seriously.

  68. I find it quite ironic that on the blog about JETBLUE the tempers were flaring on issues about whether or not its a Chillul Hashem to flaunt our Mitzvohs in public. There was even one commentator who insinuated that for Chabad to put up Menorahs was improper and antagonizing goyim! Yet on this topic, where readers of ALL denominations (including Non Jews) are welcome, Being DAN LECUFF ZECHUS IS A MUST!!! And giving the police a ‘washing down’ before we know the facts seems to be obligatory.

    If, as Eliezer says, that we MUST make a final judgment on Mr. H’ behalf before the facts are in, so be it! But as not to antagonize Non Jewish readers in this case as well, lets be a bit more discreet and diplomatic!

  69. B”H he’s out and no worse off for the wear, I might add.

    Now let’s all sit back and wait for the fun to begin.

    When it does, Sam will really need our support, let’s stand behind him all the way.

    Especially during the nine days. Afterall, we lost the Bais Hamikdosh because of “sinas chinom” so if we practice some “ahavas chinom” we may cause it to be rebuilt in our days.