New Flight Path Over Rockland County Is ‘Up In The Air’


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flights cover.jpgAccording to the Journal News, The FAA is proposing to create a new flight path over Rockland County to handle Newark Liberty International Airport arrivals. These flights will significantly raise noise levels in parts of Ramapo and Orangetown. Rockland residents will have the opportunity to question the FAA about its plan to create a new flight path over Rockland at a town meeting tonight in Hillburn.

The 6:00PM meeting, will take place at the Joseph T. St. Lawrence Community, Health and Sports Center on Torne Valley Road. While it is not an official public hearing, all questions and comments raised during the session will be entered into the record and addressed by the FAA.


  1. rockland county is not the city, no commercial trucks can freely drive in the county, only for delivery. why should commercial aircraft have the freedom to fly through that quiet suburban neighborhood ? those taxpaying residents moved there to be away from all the noise.

  2. Folks, if you have ever spent a Shabbos in Far Rockaway, Cedarhurst, or Lawrence, you would realize the importance of attending this meeting.

  3. Bubby,
    If you LIVE in Far Rockaway, Cedarhurst, or Lawrence you are so used to it that you don’t even hear it. It seems to me that Rockland county is far enough away from Newark that in no time the oilam will get used to it.
    Let’s face it, the airways are getting more and more full. New routes are a necessity.
    Planes fly over Boro Park all the time and nobody complains. Boro Park is much closer to Newark & JFK.

  4. The planes over Rockland would be as high or even HIGHER than over BP. You dont even notice it. The people against this are playing the fear factor. The planes now do their turns near the GS Mall in Paramus. I’ve been the mall and you hardly notice them. Stop being babies!

  5. I live in Rockland. Once in a while I need to fly. Other “Rocklanders” need to fly also – some on a very frequent basis.

    as air travel increases and more flights are required, new flight patterns are needed (seems simple enough)

    why should we in Rockland think that our need/want to travel by air should cause noise to other communities but not to our community? this whole NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) attitude I find bothersome.

    b/t/w – The answer of “…when we bought here, we wanted a quiet place to live…” – does not mean much, after all: times change, conditions change, the community changes and we need to accept that our gashmius comforts may be compromised.

  6. sammygol – not sure who you are referring to. I cleary support the establishment and building of Yeshivas in my community and as evidence by post #6, I have no objections to the flight patterns flying over my community.