Israeli Border Guards Heroically Rescue Family From Burning Car


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car fire cover.jpgIsraeli Border Guard officers heroically rescued six people from a burning vehicle just minutes before it exploded at a Negev intersection – reported Ynet. The officers were driving past the Tel Sheva junction when they spotted a car with its tires ablaze. The family hadn’t noticed that their car was on fire.

The officers then raced toward the car, and pulled the family out of the burning car. The officers had just placed the young girls in their jeep and cleared the men from the area when the car exploded into a huge fireball.

The family who were returning form a vacation trip – were Boruch Hashem uninjured.

(Archive Photo)


  1. b”h a news story with a happy ending. speaking of an alert border guard being at the right place @ the right time. everything is with yad hashem.

  2. Would it not have been a bigger miracle if there had not been any fire? Now the family needs a new car and must live with the experience! Or-is this the way Hashem communicates with us;gives a scare and and let’s us survive unharmed? May all our tzorus see a happy ending,speedily.

  3. KAJ guy:

    While your theory of communication seems like a possibility, here, I don’t see it as even worthwhile to attempt a guess as to if it is the correct possiblity or not. “Ki lo Machshivosai machshivoseichem vilo darkeichem dirachai…”

    I don’t think anyone can classify Hashem’s ways. Period. Evidently, the time came for the car to be replaced, and it burned up. Evidently, Hashem decided that the family should go through this experience.

    Who knows the good it will do, and who knows how bad it really, ultimately, was?

    Maybe the car was about to fail (it was) and so Hashem had them pulled from it first. Should one demand that Hashem should have made a miracle and repaired the car limaala miderech hateva so no one would have ever been the wiser?

    As far as the experience, maybe this one will save somebody from real harm, and the family will get over the experience with no lasting harm done? Who knows?

    There are almost infinite possibilities. With our meager understanding of this world, why assume “this is the way Hashem communicates with us”?