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USPS Considers 34 Post Office Closures In NYC

The United States Postal Service announced today it’s mulling the closure of thousands of post offices nationwide, including dozens here in the city.

Officials say that they are conducting studies of 3,700 offices across the nation to determine if they are needed by customers.

This, as the agency grapples with a growing deficit.

A total of 34 offices across the five boroughs are on the list.

The Bronx has the most in jeopardy with 17, followed by Manhattan with six, then Brooklyn and Queens with five each and Staten Island with just one.

The Postal Service is also considering other cost-cutting measures including eliminating Saturday delivery.

The post office is losing billions of dollars as more people use the Internet to communicate.

To view the full list of possible closures in New York, visit the USPS website.

(Source: NY1)

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  1. The Bronx was reported a number of years ago to have the worse postal service in the US, to the point that Congressman Crowley had to investigate. I don’t see how this will improve things.

  2. That’s as bad as when the typewriter repair places closed, not to mention when they stopped making home deliveries of ice.

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