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Sullivan Sheriff Tells Parents To Be Vigilant After Tuesday Night Incident

Monticello, NY – At approximately 9:00PM on Tuesday evening, an 11-year-old child was sent to the parking lot are of a Monticello bungalow colony to throw garbage in the dumpster, when a strange vehicle entered the parking lot. The driver began talking to the child, and asked him a few questions. The child felt uneasy with the questions, and ran back into the colony. The vehicle immediately left, and the Sheriff Department was called with the parent wanting to report an “attempted abduction”.

The man was driving a silver 4-door sedan. His description is described as a white male in his 60′s, grayish-whitish frizzy hair, and was wearing a baseball cap.


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  1. So now that police was notified, now what? Since they don’t have any details there is nothing for them to do. Let’s notify the shomrim, so we can blame them if something happens.

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