Coming to Israel for Sukkos? Only 1 Esrog Please


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Ministry of Agriculture officials remind visitors to Israel that one may only enter the country with one esrog per person. Upon entering, one must present the esrog to ministry inspectors for approval. An inspector will visually examine the esrog to ensure it is not infested. The other minim, lulav, aravos and hadassim may not be brought in since inspection of these items is simply too time consuming.

Ministry officials point out that smuggling is on the rise during Tishrei, involving the 4 minim as well as honey and pomegranates.

Officials add that are accustomed to the smuggling attempts, especially esrogim from Italy, France and Morocco.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Well, isn’t that just wonderful, already smuggling just less than a week after the Holiest of Holy Days. What happened to Tshuva. We need Hashem more than ever now. Let’s be good Jews.

  2. If you are going to EY for yom tov, it is FAR easier to buy your arba minim there. The best thing aside for the mitzva of purchasing in EY, is that you don’t have to shlep it from chutz la’aretz.