The Brazen Chutzpah Of The IDF & Israel Police


The fatal motor vehicle accident in the Hebron district on erev Shabbos was first reported to be the result of a terror attack, rock-throwing by Arabs. Shortly thereafter, Israel Police officials, quoting IDF soldiers operating on the scene of the fatal accident announced that claims pointing to a terror attack were simply not supported by facts on the scene.

Two area residents, Asher Pamer (25) HY”D and his infant son Yonatan HY”D were murdered in that attack. It has been learned that police intentionally lied to the media; fearing word of a fatal attack would spark additional violence.

Investigators operating on the scene erev Shabbos, shortly following the attack, already pointed out a number of facts that signaled terrorist attack, but police remained determined to release a false statement. Accident investigators pointed out that (1) there were no skid marks indicating the driver attempted to brake the vehicle; (2) soldiers who arrived on the scene documented the victim’s holster was empty and a search of the vehicle and area confirmed the weapon was gone; (3) there was a large boulder found inside the vehicle; (4) there was a prominent mark on the steering wheel cover from the rock that pierced the window; (5) the road in the area of the attack was full of rocks; (5) police dispatchers received no less than 18 complaints of rock-throwing attacks in the area.

While the Office of the IDF Spokesperson denies any false statements were released, Arutz-7 Hebrew news quotes an officer in the Yehuda district anonymously as saying that false information was indeed released to the media on erev Shabbos. Leaders of the Hebron community are outraged at the handling of the attack and the additional grief and suffering to the family and community as a result of the actions of the police and IDF.

It appears the fatal rock, described as being quite large, was thrown from a passing vehicle, a ‘drive-by rock-throwing attack’ if you will. One person explained that once the Arab driver confirms the approaching vehicle is a Jew, he then picks up speed, driving in the opposite direction, and when the timing is right the rock is hurled at the windscreen. The opposing force significantly contributes to the velocity of the projectile, and in this case, the results were fatal.

The levaya was held on Sunday, and participants in the funeral were attacked by Arabs throwing rocks. A protest was held at the site of the murder, attended by 150 people including a march to the nearby village of Beit Anoun. Once again, the Jews came under attack with a hail of rocks.

Kiryat Arba’s chief rabbi, HaGaon HaRav Dov Lior Shlita addressed the event, calling upon the IDF to implement collective punishment against the “murderous rioters”, exclaiming this is war and in war, there are no innocent bystanders.

This Facebook video furnished by Hatzalah Yosh shows the scene when the first soldiers arrived, providing testimony to the rocks on the roadway, the rocks that authorities stated did not exist on erev Shabbos shortly after the attack.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. HUH? Why is this called “BRAZEN CHUTZPAH” if the IDF withheld information out of fear for additional violence? Their little lie may have saved other lives so I’m not getting where the brazenness was or the Chutzpah for that matter!