Accused Murderer of Baba Elazar ZATZAL Seeks to Postpone Mental Evaluation


Asher Dayan, the accused murderer of Baba Elazar Zatzal, was brought to the Beersheva District Court on Thursday, 8 Tishei, in an effort to postpone a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. His attorney explained that he began taking psychiatric medications last week and the dose is constantly being increased, daily, explaining there is a fear that he true mental state will not be apparent to examining physicians.

The state argued that the physicians who will evaluate Dahan are familiar with the drug and its effects, and they will indeed be capable of making a determination as to Dahan’s status.

Justice Roital Yaffa-Katz decided to order another hearing on the matter, on 4 Cheshvan.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)