Violence In Meah Shearim Shteibelach On Shabbos


There was violence in the shteibelach in Meah Shearim on Shabbos morning connected to the Sikrikim. It appears that dozens of chassidim arrived at the shteibelach seeking Sholom Baruch Rust, believed to have played a role in an incident against the home of a prominent community member.

It did not take long for violence to erupt, during which time Rust made a break and fled the scene.

According to a Kikar Shabbat report, Yosef, an eyewitness explains “We were davening musaf, a bit after 11:00am, when suddenly a group of Gur Chassidim walked in and broke the door. Some of them were carrying sticks.

“It was violent. Anyone who tried to intervene, to speak with them, was hit. It appears they did not find what they came for. They left after a short while”.

On Hoshanah Rabba morning, the door of the home of Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, a son of the Gerre Rebbe was damaged. A note was left stating “Calm down your father’s chassidim or we will get you if you don’t”.

Local residents appear to connect the two incidents. Jerusalem police are investigating.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I hope the police round up the whole bunch of these sikrikim sickos and throw them in jail. They don’t deserve to walk the streets as free men. They are gangsters and hoodlums.

  2. Simon
    You mean “also.” I agree. Put them all be in jail together and let them beat each other up there and stop terrorizing Meah Shearim. This is out of hand coming into soul on Shabbos with sticks and beating people up? This is what Chassidus has come to?!

  3. #5 I believe sikrikim are a breakaway from Neturei Karta. So you can imagine how far out they are. But how do frum yidden come into shul on Shabbos morning with sticks?!? Aren’t sticks muktza??The whole thing really makes no sense whatsoever!

  4. Some history. With every Aliyah of Jews to Israel there were large number of Goyim that came as well. There was always a great deal of chaos with each Aliyah and immigrations officials relied on what people said about themselves unless something was obviously out of kilter. This is true of every Aliyah. Once here many of them passed themselves off as Jews. Many joined the Secular community but some stayed within whatever community they came with. As a result there are 100% Goyim in every community in Israel and they are registered as Jews and most people believe that they are Jews. The genetic hatred that every Goy has for a Jew exists in them as well. Not wanting trouble with their neighbors, they express their hatred onto Jews outside their community. So we have Ashkenazim making trouble for Sephardim, Sephardim making trouble for Ashkenazim, Liberal Seculars against the Hareidim and Sikrikim against whomever.

  5. something is suspicious about the testimony of the eyewitness. If they were in middle of davening why did the chassidim have to break in? Since when do shuls lock their doors? sticks? give me a break!

  6. OBVIOUSLY this is all “L’sheim Shomayim”. Who are we to question the holy actions of these people?? They obviously have ONLY G-d’s will in mind, and it is in no way a matter of pride between different groups of Chassidim. What G-d REALLY wants is Jews to fight amongst themselves for all manner of things. The BEST way to go about serving Him is to belittle all those who don’t quite see eye to eye with your point of view. Please, no negative comments regarding their holy crusades.