Another Arrest In Tuba el-Zangaria Mosque Arson Attack


On erev Shabbos police arrested a 17-year-old male, a resident of Gush Etzion, another suspect in the arson attack against a mosque in the Galil community of Tuba el-Zangaria. The suspect denies any connection to the attack. The suspect in custody is also tied to a similar arson attack that occurred about a year ago, Israel Radio reports.

Last week, two other suspects in custody were released after it became evident there was no evidence against them. According to a colleague of the latest suspect taken into custody, police are desperate to find someone to blame for the attack, adding their friend simply has no connection to the arson incident.

The suspect arrested on Friday was remanded on motzei Shabbos and ordered held over for an additional four days. Justice Nitza Maimon rejected a request from police to remand him for 10 days, calling the request absurd in light of the lack of evidence. Honenu attorney Avi Kedar will represent the suspect, as he did the others who have since been released.

Honenu released the following statement: “After the release of the two suspects last week, it appears the police decided to find another victim, accusing him falsely as well. We hope that as the two were released from detention, it will quickly become evident that this suspect has no connection to the act as well”.

A court on Sunday morning (25 Tishrei) extended the suspects remand for an additional four days.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)