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More On Beating Of Sikrikim Leader In Yerushalayim

According to Israel’s Reshet Bet Radio, the victim in the Wednesday morning chareidi lynching attack in Geula told people around him that rumors have it that the Gur Chassidim were coming to take revenge against him and others.

Speaking on Reshet Bet, Meah Shearim resident Yosef Kroizer lamented the events; adding the beatings do nothing to enhance the honor of the Gur or any other rebbe for that matter. He added that he is certain the Rebbe is unaware of the events as if they were in his defense, and sadly, those who perpetrate such actions do not seek approval from rabbonim before they act.

Kroizer concluded that when a neighbor with internet showed him the photos of the beaten chossid, it reminded him of the recent media photos of the slain Libyan leader. He stated there was no justification to come to shul on Shabbos morning looking for a fight, and certainly no justification to beat a man in the street, questioning where this gang violence is leading.

Jerusalem Police spokesman Shmulik Ben-Ruby stated the entire matter surrounds the real estate dispute in Batei Warsaw, involving Gur and the victim. He adds that as we speak, there are undercover agents inside Meah Shearim who are the eyes and ears of police, working to apprehend those responsible.

To date, nine people were arrested, all sikrikim, no one from Gur, but he expects additional arrests are imminent, but adding they do not know the identities of the Gerrer Chassidim responsible for the latest incident.

Ben-Ruby told Israel Radio that chareidi rabbis and leaders oppose this violence and it should be clear to all that this is simply unacceptable.

Attorney Yair Nehorai, who represents the victim, Avraham Chaim Hirschman and other sikrikim is critical of police, stating he sent a letter on October 19th warning that his client is in danger surrounding the ongoing dispute over Batei Warsaw and the hekdesh. He added that there are those who believe his client is responsible for incidents in which the integrity of the son of the Gerre Rebbe Shlita was compromised, and this just is not so.

He called on police to take immediate action towards preventing an escalation in the violence. Today he asks senior police commanders “Where were you. The writing was on the wall!”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

19 Responses

  1. the chuztpah of these people is astounding.
    They routinely throw stones and spit at the police , but now that they are needed they cry “where were you when I needed you”
    They routinely villify everything about the state of Israel but when they need an ambulance I dont see them turning down the help.
    I feel deep bushah that these are fellow frum yidden

  2. since when is he part of the sikrikim he is a regular yerushlmi (with some stoliner leanings) and has nothing to do with the ohr hachim bookstore violence – DONT SPREAD LIES

  3. just watch this entire story go unpublished in the hamodia….hamayvin yavin….

    hamodia does NOT represent orthodox Jews – they represent gur terror

  4. Many people (pehaps correctly) feel that there are things that ger does politically which are questionable. However, calling them terorists is wrong, and implying that the english hamodia condones violence is as slanderous as one can get.

  5. Ferd-
    Will the Yated cover it? I think not.
    As a side note, since when do Jewish newspapers cover Jewish violence? Or any gang activity for that matter?

    You have a personal beef with the Hamodia, v’hamayvin yavin

  6. All sides (and the bloggers) have to show restraint, the cooler heads should prevail. There is no excuse for violence whatsoever, and i have faith in the chareidy system to settle the matter in a honorable fashion without involving the government.

    To Mr. Ferd, I beleive your comment was much worse, and was edited thanks to the responsible editors at yeshiva world. Let’s stop this hatred, the same unintelligent comments over and over again. Klal yisrael can’t afford this we have too many enemies and these comments don’t help the situation…

  7. to yitzchokm – the hamodia WAS started by the gerrer rebbe ztl.
    to Ferd – you’re name is very appropriate when you talk about so called “gur terror”, When the Sikrikim blocked the door of the Gerrer Rebbe’s sons house ON HOSHANA RABBA!!!!

  8. What a shame!
    My suggestion,as a Bubby is go home and help your wives.
    In speaking to one of the women who were almost thrown out of her humble apartment in Batei Varshe, it is hair standing what corruption is going on there. Even the Bais Din are afraid of those who want to take over.
    With this continuing, it’s no wonder the Arabs want to go back to 1948. Are they working together with the so called “wannah bees”. Interesting just a week after Hoshana Rabbah is just so sad.
    And for those of you who don’t have to help at home go visit some of the people in the hospitals on whom doctors gave up on and maybe this will bring you back to reality.

  9. Meah Sharim is a very large area and has many opinions. Will this incident stop the mafia of the sikrikim? It could and it could backfire into more violence in the ultra orthodox groups.

    According to my son in law who is from that area. these sikrikim terrorize the local population, do not have any rabbinical support, run protection rackets, and are undesirables.

    The locals do not trust the police who routinely come in and beat up the locals with out differentiating one from the other.

    The question remains was it proper for the Ger chassidim to take the law into their own hands? Time will give us that answer.

  10. To Comment #9:

    You write:

    “Dear NYJewBoy

    You just nebech dont know..”

    What do you know???? His comment is completely 100% true! Why do you have the need to continue spreading false propaganda?

  11. Now is the time to get rid of this pack of gangsters. Litzman can talk to Netanyahu to have these thugs locked up. Don’t be fooled by the clothes, they’re common criminals and they’ve been at it a long time. Put the boss way for 20 years mamash and give his goons five to ten. When they get out they may be too old for this type of thing. In any case they’re marked men. And perhaps after awhile they may see things differently.

  12. Dear SP & NYJewBoy

    You probley think I am a gerrer chasid I have news I am not, But I live in the neighborhood (which you don’t), And I am aware of exactly whats going on, I remember Hirschman mentioning years ago saying I WILL BE THE BALHABUS OF THE HEKDESH, So before you mix in I once again remind you, maybe you listen to kol hachradi (which was forbidden by all rabunim including karlin stolin) and that’s your source of information ,Or are you his son????????????????

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