Kashering IDF Kitchens To Meet Mehadrin Standards


The IDF Rabbinate is working to improving the standard of kashrus in the military, planning to bring most military kitchen’s to a ‘mehadrin’ standard in the coming years. Today, the majority of products used have a mehadrin hechsher.

According to a report in the IDF’s weekly BaMachane, mashgichim in the IDF will enter a course, more or less the same course given to mashgichim employed by the Chief Rabbinate’s local religious councils. The goal is to raise the level of kashrus to a standard that everyone will be able to eat. This would demand mehadrin products, modifying many kitchens, kashering utensils, pots, implements, stoves and etc., and most of all, maintaining a regular staff of qualified mashgichim to ensure the desired level of kashrus is upheld.

According to Rabbi Lt.-Colonel Rafael Amar, who is in charge in kashrus in the military, 40% of the IDF’s combat troops today are yeshiva students, many from hesder, and there is a growing demand for mehadrin kashrus.

Today, there are 160 mashgichim in the career army, in addition to hundreds serving in mandatory service. IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General Rafi Peretz hopes to attract more frum soldiers to serve in this capacity in the hope of one day declaring the IDF’s food is under the supervision of Badatz IDF Chief Rabbinate.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I once heard a story of a fellow Jew who nebech ate Pork, but he made sure to Slaughter the Chazir with a Chalef and then Soaked and Salted the Chazir


  2. And what are the halachic differences between the standards. The disagreements are more pertaining to competence than to haladchic issues. Is the army admitting that for the last 60 years their standards of kashruth were below those followed even by those who observered “rabbinut” kashruth (at least on bases dominated by hilonim, excluding ones where most soldiers would have insisted on higher standards)??????

  3. baruch hashem, the observant jewry that has nothing but hatred for the land of our fathers has been diminished to such a small dot that in all of our lifetimes it will become entirely extinct. the only shomer torah and mitzvos jew that will remain will have nothing but ahava for our fellow jews and the holy land exactly as the eibishter wants- which will allow for the bias go’el.

  4. 1. If you recently completed or ever learned Chulin you would know there are halochik ramifications vis-à-vis Tuma v’tahara when it comes to meat which is g’shuchtin even if its a b’haima t’maya.