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BREAKING: Highland Park, NJ: Jewish Businesses & Rutgers Chabad House Have Their Windows Smashed


Vandals attacked Jewish-owned businesses, and a Chabad House last night, YWN has learned.

Sources confirm to YWN that around 2:30AM (Wednesday morning) bricks were thrown through the windows of 5 establishments in Highland Park- all Jewish stores, or owned by Jews. The two Judaica shops, Jerusalem Pizza, Park Place, and Jack’s Hardware, all had their window’s broken, or in some cases smashed.

Additionally, the Chabad House at Rutgers University in New Brunswick had windows smashed.

YWN spoke with Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, a local Police Chaplain, who says that police officials believe that both incidents are connected. Numerous Detectives are on the case and following many leads. Additionally, he tells us that the Governors office is aware of the situation, and working on the incident as well.

Further details will be published when they become available to us.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos – credit Mason Resnick – Facebook.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)

9 Responses

  1. I’ve lost count already of all the incidents in the last month or so.

    You can keep making excuses brothers, and keep your heads in the sand…

    but it IS 1938 again.

  2. To #1

    And none of these are hate crimes, right? I agree with your post. Don’t get too comfortable, we ARE in Golus & it’s a dangerous place.

  3. Not exactly 1938.
    a) worse than. these events have occured in many places in the world.
    b) not yet as bad as. these events were not sponsered by goverment.

  4. The NYPD has been sitting on their hands in Flatbush, there was vandalism over a year ago in Washington Cem. and now recently and not ONE suspect. The highland park police are even less capable of doing anything.Yidden should not believe in the police as they are agents of the government we should only believe in the one above.

  5. Yes #1 – very very scary indeed. If you read Rebbetzin Jungreis every week in the Jewish Press, this is exactly what she is saying. That it’s just like pre-war Europe. People at that time said that these things don’t happen. We now live in a cultured world… Well guess what, it happened! And it can happen again Chas V’shalom – if we don’t wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I feel like a broken record. You can blame Obummer and his “blame-the-rich-for-everything-wrong-in your-life class warfare mentality for all these anti-semitic happenings. Everyone knows Jews have all the money. And there are still Jews out there who would vote for this monster, and give him money??!!?

  7. AinMilvado and the rest of you hotheads…trouble is a big part of you wants it to be 1938 again.

    I live in Highland Park, and this is the real story: The perpitrator is a homeless, mentally ill Jew who hangs around a congregation in New Brunswick, and who, I was told tonight, had gotten into a tiff with someone over pushka money. So much for antisemitic-Moishie get your gun-it’s the end of the world hystrionics!

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