MK Gafne At Odds With PM Netanyahu Regarding Mehadrin Buses & Segregation


A meeting scheduled some time ago was held on Monday, 30 Kislev, between MK Moshe Gafne, in his capacity as head of the Knesset Finance Committee and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. According to Kikar Shabbat, as a result of the ongoing media reports surrounding the mehadrin bus lines and attacks against women by extremist elements in the chareidi camp, the meeting addressed this issue and nothing else.

The report states that Gafne and his aides are fuming over the Likud Party position, joining the nationwide incitement campaign against the chareidi tzibur at large, and this anger apparently was aired during the meeting.

Gafne and his staff blame the Prime Minister’s Office and cabinet ministers of not only acting to lower the flames of controversy and hate against the chareidim, but feeding the fuel of discord with the statements of support for those who criticize the lifestyle of the entire chareidi community.

“It’s time for Netanyahu to realize that for three years, the chareidi community has been hounded, all because it supports the right-wing coalition and instead of being thanked for the unyielding support, he prefers to betray us and turn his back on us”, Gafne stated.

Gafne stated the prime minister and his Likud Party at the very least should have remained silent, but instead, they came out against the chareidim, joining those who are using recent events to launch the hate campaign against the entire community.

Gafne added that of late, the security and economic fronts are relatively quiet, so there are those who prefer to use the time to launch their attack against the chareidim. He feels that “the economy is fairly stable and there are no pressing security issues, so this is the time to unload against the chareidim”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. what aolam hupuch [upsidedown down world]people that are taking.up for kwod shomaim yznius etc.are being labeled as the ones making the chilul hashem how absurd !!!!!!!!!!

  2. It will only die down when the chareidi rabonim, chareidi leadership, and chareidi MKs actively separate themselves from the zealots by verbally saying so and sending 50,000 men to the zealots area and demonstrate against them.

    If elections were held today;

    The chareidi seats will not be needed to form a new likud government it will only be needed for extra cushion to prevent a crisis.

    Shas would be the big looser. They get a lot of votes from the non religious sephardim and the next election they will votes for Likud and bayit yehudi.

    The chardal community would vote for Ichud Leumi or bayit yehudi.