Kaddafi’s Daughter Seeking Asylum In Israel


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According to a report appearing on the Intelligence Online website, the daughter of late Libyan dictator Muammar Kaddafi is seeking political asylum in Israel. The report states that Aisha Kaddafi has hired the services of Nick Kaufman, a former prosecutor assigned to the Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office to advance her cause.

Aisha, 35, fled Libya together with her mother and a number of brothers, seeking refuge in Algeria, where she has given birth to a son. She fears however that local government officials will eventually give into demands from the new Libyan regime and she will face extradition.

According to reports that seem to emanate from friends of Aisha in Europe, she believes the only country where she will feel safe is Israel, and she is advancing efforts towards obtaining political asylum with the realization that her chances of receiving asylum are not particularly good. The report adds that she also contemplated enlisting the professional services of Prof. Alan Dershowitz.

The report concludes that there have been no charges filed against Aisha. Actually, she has filed a motion with an international court seeking to learn of the circumstances that surround the deaths of her father and brother, both found murdered after being taken captive by revel forces.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. #2- The USA plans to pursue good relations with the new regime in Libya (why not they have oil, and aren’t going to blow up anymore of our airplanes). Friendly countries usually honor extradition requests, and she is probably accused of stealing massive amounts of the Libyan treasury (it WAS a family business).

  2. Doubt very much this is true. If she wanted a place she wouldn’t be extradited from, there’s plenty of them in South America.

    Israel is an American ally and would extradite her under American pressure. Israel was also at war with her daddy and wouldn’t be her ideal choice.

    Report is probably a way by other Arabs to smear the family.

  3. Were the Gaddafis in any decent global standing to be “smeared”?
    A family of crooks who treated a whole country like a private business.

    If anything, it’s a little ironic that remnants of the now defunct Gaddafi regime may be seeking refuge in Israel – particularly when Libyan passports dictate that the Libyan passport is “valid to all countries in the world, save South Africa, and ‘occupied Palestine'”.