PHOTOS: ANOTHER Abandoned Shaimos Truck Found – This One In Williamsburg



For the second time in two days, another truck loaded with Shaimos has been found – this one in Williamsburg. The truck was found parked at a fire hydrant on Williamsburg Street West and Flushing Avenue. Sources tell YWN that a photographer for the weekly “Dee-Voch” magazine was driving on the street when he noticed a suspicious truck on an empty street. In fact, the truck was the only truck parked on the entire street (as it is a no parking zone) and was parked by a fire hydrant.

Beneath the truck garbage bags full of Shaimos were found as well.

It should be noted that in both incidents, there were posters inside both trucks announcing the following (click on image above to enlarge it):

Free Pick Ups
We Accept Cloth (not eligible)

In the first story, the truck was found abandoned on 15th Avenue and 62nd Street. Besides for a loaded truck of Shaoimos, the nearby train tracks had Shaimos strewn all over. Misaskim Volunteers were collecting the Shaimos to ensure a proper burial.

Many are calling for new regulations to prevent this from happening again in the future. It was obvious that most people were aware about the unkosher practices of these so called “shaimos collectors” as similar occurrences began to circulate as soon as the discovery was made.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by Dee-Voch.

(Moshe Altusky – YWN)


  1. Shaimos internment has unfortunately been a problematic issue for decades, with the standard of service in this area leaving much to be desired. Much of the shaimos that people would carefully set aside for internment ended up in landfills. In better-case scenarios, they were buried in a manner that was not halachically proper, or in a manner that violated the legal requirements for the usage of the property.

    All this has been changed with the establishment of the “Beth Genizah” in Liberty, New York. The cemetery is overseen by the Vaad L’mishmeres Hashaimos, under the personal directorship of Rabbi Yosef Schwartz, Rav of Prag. The Vaad purchased over 25 acres specifically for this purpose, causing a breakthrough that is being applauded by the entire frum community. A solution to the troubling Shaimos situation is finally being implemented!
    The Beth Genizah is under the strict rabbinical supervision of the CRC (Hisachdus Harabbonim) and the OU. And in full compliance with the law.

    With the Beth Genizah finally established, people will no longer have to rely on questionable shaimos services. A well-rounded solution to a longstanding problem has finally been found, to the relief of the frum community. For more information, the Vaad L’mishmeres Shaimos can be reached at 845-782-2648, or visit

  2. I’m shocked that frum Yiddin would do such a thing. How could the bochrim that were with the trucks even think of just abandoning the shamos that they were paid to bury properly?

  3. the real issue is these are run by young kids who do it for the money

    they claim they bury the stuff when they actually dump it upstate in lakes and rivers

    the whole business is a scam

  4. See who the truck is registered to. If can’t track down owner then sell the truck to pay for genizah of the abandoned shaimos.

  5. About 2 years ago I was driving a few cars behind a shaimos truck that was speeding along with the back of the truck wide open. A bunch of black trash bags fell onto the street to be run over by the passing cars. The boys in the truck just kept speeding along. What a shame!

  6. My-opinion is to USE YOUR BRAIN’S comment.

    What u r saying is basically, not to trust another Yid. Because u suggested to bury our Shaymos in our backyard. My questions to you are;

    A) What if I don’t have a backyard?

    B) Do you eat out that you trust the food u eat is Kosher or your comment was only for the shaymos collectors that happen to have hashgacha as well as food?

  7. There’s another truck still on Ave M and E21st. I don’t think the “boys” are behind this. They get paid by the guy that rented the truck to sit there for 80 hours and collect $5 a bag.

  8. I assume that the word ‘eligible’ in the description of the poster should say ‘legible’!

    Surely some people might remember the truck and who was working on them. The workers might know who they were working for. They might have all been working for the same crook. An investigation should be started to catch the perpetrator.