Meet Badatz Rabbanei Kehillos HaChareidim


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A new hashgacha is making its way onto Israel’s kashrus scene, Badatz Rabbanei Kehillos HaChareidim. The kashrus is based in Kiryat Gat, headed by the city’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Havlin Shlita. Also on the beis din are Rabbi Betzalel Wachselstein Shlita (Rav Kiryat HaChareidis & Kehilas Chassidei Gur), Rabbi Gedalya Reizal Shlita (Rav Kehilas Chassidei Slonim).

The kashrus intends to provide a hechsher for those food businesses operating in the Kehila HaChareidis that meet its standard in the hope of expanding the availability of items for the mehadrin shopper.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. To #1
    Unlike the “Badatz”, this hechsher (as far I know) isn’t using the money earned to support the sirikim and other violent meshugaim.

  2. Reply to #1.

    A hashgahcha provided by the combined expertise of the mashgichim of the Gur and Slonim chassidus would immediately become the gold standard of hashgacha in EY and would be be the equivalent or better than Eida hashgacha. This new hashgacha would be very competitive among the chareidi consumers who are the most machmir on matters of kashruth and will accept only top of the line products.

  3. Calm down, people, this is a local hechsher. The three named members of this hechsher are all rabbonim of local charedi kehilos in Kiryat Gat (Lubavitch, Ger, and Slonim), and they are now making a hechsher for their kehilos, so their members can know which local bakeries, butchers, restaurants, etc., are up to their standards. That is all. This isn’t some challenge to the national hechsherim, and you won’t see their names on many products in your local supermarket.