Failed Rescue of Jewish Woman from Arab Home


This story began a number of years ago when the young impressionable Sheirut Leumi volunteer met an Arab male employed in the institution she was assigned. Unfortunately, they got together R”L and have been living in northern Eretz Yisrael. On Monday, Lahava members tired to extricate the woman and her son from the Arab home, but this time around, the mission failed.

Kol HaYehudi reports the mission was planned and they had hoped to bring the woman and her week-old son home, to permit him to have a bris.

The woman, who we will call Emunah, began her Sheirut Leumi service in Haifa four years ago. She me the Arab male in the nursing home where she was assigned and they became friends. She cut ties with her biological family about a year later.

About a week ago, Emunah, who is 22 today, called her dad and asked for help explaining she had just given birth to a son and she wants him to have a bris. Her father explains how she cried on the phone and admitted all the warnings she received from him and her mother were ignored. She pleaded with him to get her out of the village.

The father turned to Lahava and they arrived at the home in the Arab village on Monday. The participants in the mission explained the problem was that the mother of the Arab father was present when they got to the home, complicating matters significantly. The mother phoned her son and told him what they were trying to do, to take Emunah and the baby. She grabbed the baby and Emunah panicked and would not leave, fearing she could not get out with her son, deciding to remain with him together. The volunteers were compelled to leave, leaving mom and baby behind.

Later in the day Emunah’s father filed a police complaint and police arrived at the village. Police explain that when they questioned Emunah, she said “Everything is fine and my husband is very good to me”. She insisted she was not being held against her will.

Lahava officials confirm that Emunah was rescued about ten months ago, at which time she moved in with family members in northern Israel but her husband found her and she moved back in with him.

Lahava officials conclude that the Gemara says השב תשיבם, even 100 times. In that case it deals with an animal and in this case, a human, so they are not about to give up.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita recently spoke out about Jewish females in national service and explained his late father ZT”L set restriction in place over these types of concerns.

Rabbi Tzefanya Drori Shlita, who heads the largest Sheirut Leumi organization in Israel has also warned of the growing dangers related to the presence of Arab males in national service facilities.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. All Israeli arabs should be reduced to second class citizens and not have the vote.
    They do not serve in the army and have high birth rates.In 50 years they will be the majority in Israel, if they are not gotten rid of soon…also they are a fifth column and will side with their arab brothers against the jews in case of a war.

    The jews were considered Dhimis and treated as second class citizens in most Muslim countries for hundreds of years.
    Arabs should be fairly compensated and encouraged to emigrate to the 22 other arab countries…

  2. Hashem Yishmor.

    There is a home in Kiryat Hayovel run by tzaddikim and an Am Habayit where over 50 girls stay who were rescued or left Arab husbands and marriages and are once again learning torah, getting therapy and rebuilding their lives. There are young ladies there from the Bais Yakov system (not only sherut leumi girls), one from Kiryat Sefer and one from Beitar. Rav Besser of Yeshivat Flatbush led a chesed group of 12th graders who came and made a kumzitz and oneg for these girls. They sang, danced, cried together. The girls bought them gifts of makeup, hair clips, etc. to warm their hearts. This is an avoda of ahuva……

  3. Hopefully, the camp that fought the Chazon Ish so bitterly when he & the other Gedolei Yisroel paskened that Sheirut Leumi is Yahareg V’al Yaavor will finally see the light.

  4. The sages saw this debauchery coming down the pipeline over 60 years ago. Now they wish to depopulate the yeshivas as well. We shall continue to resist the subjugation of the women and the attempt to extinguish the light of the Torah learning.