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Catskills: Third Summer Home Burns Down In Five Days

Monticello, NY – A two-alarm fire at Continental Bungalow Colony on Fraser Road destroyed a two-family home on Tuesday night, is reporting. There were no injuries reported as the bungalow was vacant at the time of the blaze. Numerous departments were called in to assist with Mutual Aid.

In the past five days, three fires destroyed three summer homes in the area.

Last Friday, there was a third alarm fire at the Aladdin Hotel in Woodbourne, and on Sunday, there was a three alarm fire at Sunshine Estates in Monticello.



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  1. What happened to the Aladdin?? I remember staying there last when I was 8 years old. Mr. Komitor was a very kind hostess, albeit the place seemed a bit aged even then. Did any structures survive the fire? I might take a trip up there to see……….

    Chaim Sklar, Edison, NJ

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