Eida Chareidis: Sunrise Protest Against Drafting Avreichim


The Eida Chareidis, backed by other rabbonim, will be holding a protest on Monday morning, 5 Tammuz 5772 at 5am at Kikar Shabbos. The time is not an error, it is not at 17:00 but 5am, explaining this is time prone to “Rachmei Shomayim”.

The sign says “There is no place for compromise regarding IDF service or national service…

The Eida rabbonim state it is clear that whatever will be decided by the government committee, avreichim will not abandon torah study to serve the IDF.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. they are full of it, they are chicken.

    are they willing to tell the world and lie that every bocher or married person is siting and learning?

    who are they fooling?

  2. Doesn’t “Rachmei Shomayim” at 5 am refer to davening k’vasikin? What’s the mekor for “Rachmei Shomayim” at 5 am for hafganot?

  3. I’m confused.
    How can anyone justify not at least doing national service which could include being a rebbe somewhere or other relatively kosher activities.

    Where is the hakoros hatov to the country that provides least free healthcare and provides stipend support to the kollel yungeliet?

    Not to mention the HUGE chillul Hashem that is engendered by outright refusal to do sheirut leumi.

  4. #3: A chillul Hashem is what comes out of NOT following Daat Torah as understood by our gedolim, not from following their guidance

    Learning Torah does not give way to what the state thinks is a better way for a yeshiva bachur to be spending his time, free healthcare or no free healthcare

    Hope that helps unconfuse you 🙂