Long Wins NY Senate GOP Primary Over Bob Turner To Face Gillibrand


Attorney Wendy Long has won a three-way Republican primary to take on Kirsten Gillibrand in this fall’s race for the U.S. Senate.

Long defeated Nassau County comptroller George Maragos and U.S. Rep. Bob Turner in a primary election Tuesday notable for low turnout. Long held a double-digit lead with more than half the precincts reporting statewide.

Long now faces an uphill battle against Democrat Gillibrand, a three-year incumbent who already has about $10 million in campaign cash.

This will be Gillibrand’s second campaign for the Senate since she was appointed in 2009 to replace Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She won election in 2010 to finish Clinton’s term that ends this year.

This time, Gillibrand’s running for a full, six-year term.

(Source: Fox News)


  1. Voted for Long. Would’ve preferred Maragos, but Long, as a woman — and I hate gender politics — has a better chance against Sen. Gillibrand.

    I took Rep. Turner out of consideration early on.

  2. To say she is a “long shot” is literally correct. Gillibrand was running nearly 2:1 in the polls against ANHY of the Republican candidates before today’s election. It will probably be a somewhat closer race once Long formally starts campaigning but Gillibrand has increased her popularity slowly but consistently since she took over for Hillary and her popularity is actually somewhat higher than Clinton’s when she served in the Senate.

  3. Turner was already well known downstate, whereas Long is a total unknown with no base and no record.Unless Romney wins by an earthshaking landslide, Gillibrand seems assured of reelection (which might prove critical in keeping the Democrats in control of the Senate).

  4. Very low turnout. I voted 10 minutes before the polls closed, and my election card number was 1, which means I was the only Republican to vote in that election district all day. Even in the Presidential primary, which attracted little interest because the race was essentially over, I voted at 1:00 and I was already #6. So the turnout today was even lower.

  5. Let’s face it…Long doesn’t have much of a chance in the general election. Turner would have given Gillibrand a run for the money…and with a Romney victory may have actually made it. Don’t believe the so-called “experts”. Romney will win by a landslide in November. The economy is heading for a double-dip recession. No incumbent has ever won when it economy was in bad shape. Look for the key indicators to be much worse in November and Obama has not been much help. So even if you are not a registered Republican, it pays to vote for Long in November. Miracles can happen.

    Meanwhile, I hope that we haven’t seen the last of Bob Turner…a good man with a solid outlook on key issues.

  6. True Milhouse, there was no focus on Turner in our communities because of the whole Barron situation.

    Long won 70,000 votes, Turner 50,000.
    I imagine if we could have made a difference if we wanted. But one, it won’t matter. Two, I don’t think (though I did even really know who she is until now) anyone was minding Mrs. Long as a nominee.

    The lesson from 2010 is that when you are a blue state like NY, you choose the most bland, safe candidates possible. I think Paladino’s over the topness cost a few house seats.

    Obama is winning NY unless something tragic happens. Gillibrand will as well. So the main thing any nominee for a statewide office is look nice and make a good impression…so real elections won’t be unduly effected.