Yad Vashem Graffiti Vandals Remanded


The Jerusalem Magistrate’s court on Tuesday, 6 Tammuz 5772 remanded 31-year-old E.O. along with another suspect, a minor of the age of 17. They are charged with the graffiti attack at Yad Vashem along with other so-called price tag attacks.

E.O. was remanded for six days and the minor for two days as police continue their investigation.

The court released A.B., 26 to house arrested for ten days. He is suspected of being in contact with the other two and encouraging them to perpetrate the attacks, which police report they admitted to.

Police arrested a fourth suspect on Tuesday afternoon. He is an 18-year-old resident of Bnei Brak, apprehended in the capital. He too will be brought before a remand hearing.

Additional arrests are expected.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “Attack” is too strong a word for what the anti-Torah media accuse these people of doing. Vandalism would be more like it. The chilonim ballooned this into “attacks” because the messages that were spray painted strike a nerve.

  2. Loyal Jew, I moche be’kol lashon shel machoah on your outrageous statements! There is no end to the Yerushalmi madness and disgusting conduct!!

  3. mdd

    please note that 2000 years ago fanatics also created a state of anarchy in yesushalayim resulting in the churban

    may hashem keep us safe from this new group of fanatics