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Is Graffiti Suspect Chareidi or Left-Wing Activist in Disguise?

One of the Yad Vashem graffiti vandals remanded on Wednesday, 7 Tammuz 5772, E.O. is not your regular variety chareidi. According to Chadrei Chareidim, in the past, EO, who hails from Ashdod, has met with Arab officials as was the case with Moshe Hirsch, the late head of Neturei Karta. The major difference is that Hirsch and his supporters found common ground with the Arabs, their disdain for the secular state. EO on the other hand participated in meetings under the umbrella of a left-wing political organization, lending legitimacy to the theories that in reality, he is a left-wing activist and not a member of the chareidi tzibur.

Neturei Karta officials are sending mixed messages, applauding his statements but simultaneously distancing the organization from him. Photos of EO taking part in protests in Issawiya have been released to support the claim that EO is a left-winger in chareidi garb, and Neturei Karta seems to define the suspects at acting independently, not as members of their tzibur. They add that EO is a self-defined “Jewish Palestinian” and he maintains a blog under this title.

The blog says “Jews and Arabs have always lived side-by-side in peace and never has aspirations to create a state, yet alone to turn into murdering cruel people that steal lands like the Zionists do”. EO says the graffiti found at Yad Vashem was not a compulsive act, but what was written was given thought well in advance.

Chadrei Chareidim spoke with that Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck of Neturei Karta in the United States, quoting him as saying “We don’t agree with this action. It was a mistake. We do not believe that violence is necessary. We do not believe the Zionists wanted the Holocaust. We don’t know who funds him”.

Police report the investigation is in an early stage and additional arrests may take place.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The term used for such things is “False (or Black) Flag Operation.” It comes from ships that would run up the flag of their enemies and engage in despicable acts to arouse hatred against the other side. Like gluing election posters for your opponent to the windows of businesses. In Chicago, this is old news. And very effective, by the way. But in this case, it’s pathetic wishful thinking.

  2. I had a feeling. Since my husband spoke to some Neturei Karta guys yesterday asking them about it and they didn’t not know who any of them were. Normally, the NK community are all filled in and act together. In addition, one of the pictures posted of one of the suspects on one of the israeli media websites was a guy with a yerushalmi hat, sefardi looking and no beard. you can see the peyos being disconnected or artificially connected to his head.

  3. SpiderJerusalem, are you serious? Have you ever delved into left-wing web sites and seen the atrocious spelling and grammar that the average lefty uses?

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