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15 Die Amid Heat & Storms

Extreme heat across the U.S. and severe storms in the D.C. area have claimed the lives of fifteen people, and the National Weather Service warns more “dangerously hot” temperatures and more thunderstorms are on the way.

Violent storms that hit the D.C. area Friday were blamed for the deaths of six people, according to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnel. One person was killed by a falling tree in Maryland and two others were killed by a falling tree in New Jersey, The Associated Press reported. Six other deaths are thought to have been tied to the heat wave.

On Saturday, 2 million people in the Mid-Atlantic area were without power, including 1.5 million in the Washington, D.C., area, according to NBC Washington.

Cell phone coverage was spotty on Saturday and many residents were asked to conserve water because sewage stations had been without power for a while.


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