Otzma Yehudit Requests A Permit To Protest In Umm el-Fahm


Members of the Otzma Yehudit movement, headed by former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, submitted a request to the Um al-Fahm police demanding that they be allowed to demonstrate outside the homes of the three terrorists who carried out the attack on Har Habayis last Friday.

It should be noted that the police have not yet responded positively to the request and are currently being considered.

The movement is asking for police approval to hold a demonstration in which 50 to 60 people will take part, but the police fear that such an event could create a tense atmosphere and cause unnecessary unrest among the residents.

It should be noted that if the police deny the request, the next step will be to appeal to the court.

A source in the Um al-Fahm Municipality said in response that “the police must understand that we are in a very sensitive period and that such a demonstration these days can ignite the entire country. There is no justification for such a provocation in Um al-Fahm.”

The movement’s chairman, Ben-Ari, said in response, “We will reach Um al-Fahm in order to protest the slackness and surrender of the Israeli government. When a complaint was filed against the Yitzhar residents, the Shin Bet and the police rushed to take over the yeshiva, claiming that they would not allow incitement from a yeshiva, but here there is a mosque whose people incite morning and evening, and the State of Israel is afraid. We will arrive at Um al-Fahm and stop all instigators. ”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)