Most Israelis Feel The Removal Of Metal Detectors From Har Habayis Represents Israeli Surrender To The Waqf Authority


According to a Channel 2 poll carried out by Midgam and iPanel, 77% of Israelis feel the removal of the metal detectors from Har Habayis represents surrender while 17% feels it does not. In addition, 68% feel placing the metal detectors was the correct move, 23% disagree and 9% do not know.

Did PM Netanyahu handle the Har Habayis crisis correctly?

23% yes

67% no – not satisfied with his performance

10% don’t know

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Last comment was typo. Please post this. ..

    Of course it was a failure. Find me any other country in the world that after this type of attack would act so irresponsible. Let’s see America Britain France after a terror attack not increase security

  2. Under the circumstances, it was the best thing for Kallal Yisroel!
    With Jordanians holding embassy staff hostage and Wakf/PA/Hamas cooking up another Antifada over the Metal Detectors, their removal is the smartest thing that “Kochi Veoiztem Yodi” Chiloni Government of Israel could have done to avoid more bloodshed in the short term. It does not feel like a victory, but in Golus we have to be happy with any type of salvation, even though it feels like a defeat.