Some Population Stats on Israeli Communities


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Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics on Monday, released information pertaining to the population at the end of 2011, breaking down figures per city or yishuv.

In first place, with 804,355 residents is Yerushalayim, with a growth of 16,000 from the previous year. Second place goes to Tel Aviv with 404,750 residents with a growth of a few hundred people and third place goes to Haifa with 270,348 residents with a growth of 2,000 residents.

Some other cities include Rishon L’Tzion (232,410), Ashdod (212,278), Petach Tikvah (210,376), Beersheva (196,335), Netanya (189,678), and Holon (182,575).

In the chareidi world there is Bnei Brak (163,301), Modi’in Illit (52,060), Betar Illit (39,710), Elad (39,976), a growth of 1,400, Beit Shemesh (84,209), an increase of almost 4,000, Rechasim (9,753), Telshe Stone (3,158), and Kfar Chabad (5,105) with 100 new residents).

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It is completely crazy that a city of 52,000 people doesn’t have a hospital within 20 km. Even more so when you realize it’s not just 52,000 people in Modi’in Illit but also at least 80,000 in Modi’in.