HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: Cleveland Mom Of Children Critically Injured In Crash Gives Update; Ask For People To Continue Davening


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The mother of the children who were critically injured in a crash on Interstate 80 on Friday morning gives a heartbreaking video update.

Most critically injured is 7-year-old Chava bas Michal Chana. Her mother says that on Sunday afternoon she was able to squeeze her mothers hand and opened her eyes for a few seconds. She remains in extremely critical condition and on life support.

Leah Hadassah bas Michal Chana (11-years-old) is B”H alert and is communicating via a “whiteboard”. She still needs lots of Tefillos as she needs to undergo another surgery.

Please continue to say tehillim for them that they have a full and speedy Refua Shelaima.

As YWN reported, the family was returning home to Cleveland from the East Coast when they were involved in the serious accident in Pennsylvania. According to PA State Police, the accident occurred around 2:29AM on I-80 near mile-marker 66.6, when their minivan collided with a tractor trailer that had been disabled from a previous collission.

A ChesedFund page has been set up to help the family financially during this hard time. It would help cover the exorbitant amount of medical and related expenses. Please open you heart and donate with love. Your Tefilos and Tzedakah will surely go a long way to help the Gruen’s during their time of need.

(Chaim Shaipro – YWN)