HATE IN FALLSBURG: This Graffiti Was Found On Sunday


The attached image of hate was found in Fallsburg in Sullivan County on Sunday.

“NYC HASIDIC DRIVERS IN MINIVANS ARE DEADLY!! LOCALS BE CAREFUL!”, was scrawled on a trash bin outside the popular Stewart’s gas station and convenience shop, located at the 4 Corners.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Yes, it’s true that Orthodox Jews tend to drive minivans due to their large families.

However, an interesting note for the Anti-Semites: Are they aware that that there have been multiple single-vehicle crashes in Fallsburg in the past two weeks – in which the drivers were not Jewish?

Not to worry, the victims were all treated by the Jewish volunteer heroes of Catskills Hatzolah, regardless of their ethnicity.


PHOTOS: Overturned Vehicle On Route 42 In Fallsburg on Friday Afternoon; Minor Injuries Reported (08/11/17)

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Vehicle Overturns Off Road On Route 42 In Fallsburg; No Serious Injuries Reported (08/23/2017)

Haters will be haters, while decent people see hate for what it is. HATE.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. While bigotry must be condemned it is important to remember that there is hate and violence on “both sides” and that many people who write graffiti about Hasidic drivers of minivans are really “fine people”.

  2. Let’s admit it. Monsey-Williamsburg or anywhere – and I would bet statistically that most of the accidents are caused by Chassidim driving without a driving license. Another thing. Children playing on Route 306 on sidewalk under 5 years old…isn’t that upsetting? Realize Monsey quadrupled in populations size mushrooming with Chassidim. And it is wonderful. But it is not beautiful. As it should be. Another thing. We’re not home in America. If Chassidim understood that we would have lots of Chilul H’ removed and replaced by Kidush H’!

  3. While it was dumb and probably hatred for Jews that prompted the graffiti writer to scrawl this message on a garbage can in Fallsburg, we as yidden should realize that for 9 or 10 months of the year, the roads in Fallsburg are very calm. In addition “out of towners” don’t drive the way we do in NYC. They aren’t used to this aggressiveness. We need to realize we are on their territory and we should not beep or cut off drivers that are not used to driving the way we are. With a little respect on the road, we wont give an excuse to a Jew Hater to hang out his hatred in public. As a great Rav once said, if you give someone a genuine smile, he has no choice, but to smile back, but if we give someone a frown, he will hit back with all his might…..

  4. As the first commenter said, its a fact. I am not saying that all chasidim are maniacs behind the wheel, but for the most part, the maniacs in the minivans and large SUVs are chasidim. Every single time I am behind a bunch of cars waiting for a light on Route 50, some chasid speeds up the center lane and cuts off the front car at the light? Would it kiil him to wait like everyone else?

  5. It is unfortunate I must disagree with you but this is FAR from hate. This is undiluted TRUTH! The fact is that Hasidic summer visitors drive as if they own the roads and they drive dangerously and recklessly blowing through stop signs, pulling out of driveways without looking for oncoming traffic, whipping around and passing at high speed on the right, cutting folks off. And FOLKS ARE TIRED OF IT! This has nothing to do with hatred so take your bigot pandering elsewhere. YOU, the writer, YOU come up here, dress like a local and drive around in Monticello, Fallsburg, Woodbourne, Woodridge, during the summer, and then come back and write a TRUE and FACTUAL story based on your experiences, as a local. And it’s not a NYC thing because the drivers who come from connecticut and new jersey drive in the same reckless manner.

    With that said, it’s NOT all Hasidim who drive like rabid and feral maniacs, but there are enough of the latter to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

  6. Unfortunately it’s true. I would write the same thing. He doesn’t mean Chasidim per se he calls all frum yidden hasidic. So let’s look in the mirror and see facts for what they are and stop always playing the race card like al sharpton

  7. common on lets get real i met someone from Cleveland a frum yid who said to me all the new yorkers should go back to Brooklyn or wherever they came from because there pushing in the supermarkets drive recklessly on the roads and drive like they are still driving on 13th ave or coney island ave i am originally from Brooklyn and i go back to visit family often travel to brooklyn queens and other areas it true it is a new york “thing” but Us jews seem to be better at how we have totaly disregard for everyone else around us. at times when i am trying to park i pull up to the front of the parked car to pull back into a spot and someone blocks me preventing me from parking or at a red light that just turned green i have cars honking because they cant wait for the pedestrians to finish getting across

  8. we as frum jews should know better we stress so many chumrous that are just that chumrous not part of the 613 mitzvohs but we forget about being in gulus and creating a chillul hashem and behaving like no one has ever opened up a mussuar safer

  9. Rather than just be mad at the messenger, let’s listen to the message!
    Do we kill, hate, the weatherman when the storm he predicts a is upsetting? It’s not a nice message: but haven’t we caused it?
    And Anin21 is correct, they refer to us all as Chassidim. That really makes us Chassidim more obligated to make that fact change!
    It’s Elul now, and we want to do things better! Good time to start. Our driving habits as well as our parking habits do need to reflect who we are as a the. עם ה’.
    לכו ונתחזקה

  10. 1) “Hasiddim”, is the term used by a vast majority of Americans to refer to ANY/ALL Torah observant Jew (chareidi, chasidish, Litvish, Yeshivish, Young Israel, etc.).
    2) Hate crime or simple frustration, “halachah, Eisav sonei es Yaakov.”
    3) The only sure antisemitism here is that expressed by posters who believe only drivers from Williamsburg and BP drive aggressively and typically are not licensed.
    4) While many, perhaps most, New York drivers drive more aggressively than their “out-of-town counterparts, we must learn to be more courteous and behave like good guests should and like Royalty should for, (a) we ARE in galus and are, after all, the mamleches Kohanim v’goy kadosh.

  11. The guy is frustrated and understandably so! Is he allowed to criticize or vent without being anti semetic, while sticking to the facts? And the facts are that Yidden are always in a very big rush and drive very aggressive! Here in lakewood to!!! Could be that they drive like new Yorkers but this is all he knows of new Yorkers. Hasidics!

  12. Yes it is unfortunately true, the driving habits some ofus have is quite upsetting to the local all year population, and not only the non jews, some frum all year residents are upset by this too, it’s important as orthodox jews that we go out of our way to drive courtesly, as one bad driver reflects on us as a whole