Hatzolah Members Illegally Ticketed While Responding To Life-Threatening Emergency



In a blatant act of total disrespect for New York State law, and disregard for human life, the Woodridge Police Department issued tickets to not one, but two Hatzolah members on Wednesday evening.

Eye-witnesses who saw the incident unfold related to YWN that Hatzolah was called for a diabetic passing out on the street in the town of Woodridge. Hatzolah was dispatched, and upon their arrival were asked for their license, registration, and insurance cards.

They were issued tickets by Chief of Police John Calvello for “unlawful use of red lights”, despite the very clear laws in NYS VTL 1104, and NYS VTL 375 (26 & 41).

Even more disturbing is the fact that the officer was overheard telling the Hatzolah members “I was a cop in the town of Fallsburg for more than 20 years, and know that you are legally allowed to use red lights, but I was forced to write the tickets by Isaac Kantrowitz, who is one of the Village Trustees of Woodridge”, and one of the towns police commissioners.

In fact, eye-witnesses tell us that Mr. Kantrowitz was personally on the scene screaming in a highly unprofessional manner to have them all ticketed.

Sources tell us that Hatzolah Coordinators are stunned as to this development, following the many years of wonderful cooperation that Catskills Hatzolah maintains with all local emergency personnel.

It is unknown what the outcome of this incident will be, but this is dangerous, reckless, and can possibly in the future cause the death of a human life.

YWN spoke with Rabbi David Cohen, the CEO of Chevra Hatzolah regarding this troubling incident, who stated the following:

“We stand behind our members 100%, as they did nothing wrong. They were dispatched to a serious emergency in front of the municipal building, and we are surprised at the actions of the police. It should be noted that Hatzolah members are authorized by law to utilize red lights and sirens while responding to emergencies, and we will do everything in our legal power to ensure that the law is respected by the Woodridge Police Department.

“Hatzolah calls upon the police department, as well as the Mayor of the town to have these tickets dismissed without even going to trial, Rabbi Cohen said”.

YWN spoke with outraged summer residents, who happen to be the biggest taxpayers in the town.

“If Hatzolah members are going to be stopped or delayed by police while responding to life-threatening emergency calls, it may cause the death of a patient, god-forbid”, one resident said.

“We plan on protesting this outragous behavior, and over the coming weekend many local housing developments will get together to decide on appropriate action.

The Town Of Woodridge can be contacted at:

Phone: 845-434-7447
Fax: 845-434-0916

E-mail: [email protected]

Village Hall

P.O. Box 655
2 Dairyland Road
Woodridge, NY 12789

Village Hall hours
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

Village officials

Ivan Katz

Diane Garritt

Joan Collins
James Slater
Arline Messina
Isaac Kantrowitz

Planning Board:
Louis Saperstein



  1. I think there should be a town trustee from camp morris another from woodlake village another from regency estates & one from mesorah woods. Kantrowitz should go back to pumping gas at his gas station that nobody uses. Then they should vote Irving Podhurst (a real mentch known to all woodridge shul mispalelim) for Mayor.

  2. If I remember correctly, this Kantrowitz is the same one from the mechanic shop with the same name. He is unfortunately a self hating Jew who despite the fact that he receives most of his business from Jews (not to mention he’s a ripoff of a mechanic). He also tows cars that are illegally parked to his shop and forces you to pay towing fees in order to get your car back. It’s high time he is ousted out of town!!!

  3. Why would a public official who is clearly a yid engage in such an illegal and reckless action?? It makes no sense and there is no information in the article as to whether he may have some broigas with the individual Hatzaloh members who were ticketed. There is more to this story that we don’t know.

  4. Kantrowitz should be forced to sign something clearly absolving hatzola for not coming to his rescue when he needs it. After that he should be publicly flogged!

  5. register to vote up there and see how quickly you can vote this man out of office. so many homes there and so many more voters possible.
    remember, in unity there is strength so stick together and register to vote. then VOTE HIM OUT!

  6. To number 4: Please look at the link the number 3 posted.

    You will clearly see, in black and white, that this man has been documented abusing his authority on multiple occasions for more than 30 years. He is a detriment to the town and to its residents.

    This man’s obstruction of Hatzolah’s operations as a fully certified ambulance service could G-d forbid end up with someone dying.

  7. I just called the # posted above.
    A women answerd the phone. And I respecfuly Said “Good Morning how are you? Would you like to comment on the officer that gave the two EMT’s a summons while responding to a real emengencey.
    She says not really,
    So I say, Nothing to say?
    She says, We are all very upset about it. Who’s calling?
    I said, A resident who is very upset, I heard about it all the way to NYC, I have family, friends a sister etc.. who pay a lot of taxes to that town. That’s just not right.
    She says where all very upset. Have a good day.

    I think, it dosn’t matter if they get a few calls. But please be respectful. Act like Mentchin.

  8. This idiot Kantrowitz better pray that he will never need the services of the Hatzolah and if I were in charge of the Hatzolah in his area if and when he needs their services I would advise the responders to stop for their mealtime first.

  9. This incident is totally despicable!

    We as a community must come out loud and clear and condemn such a slap in the face to our heroes who were only there to save a life! to tend to an unconscious diabetic patient! what do they get in return “police abuse of force”.

    This Mr. Kantrowitz who was thrown off the bench in the past because of similar abuse of power issues has an obvious vendetta with our community as a whole and Hatzalah in perticular. But guess what. THERE ARE LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY. and the law says these people are allowed to excersice the right of way when dispached to an emergency call. weather Mr. Kantrowitz likes it or not.
    Ticketing such people would actually be BREAKING THE LAW!!! Just like lets say giving a licensed driver a ticket for driving without a license!!!

    OR am I missing something???

    Raboisy. Please please take the 5 minutes and register to vote up there. Call everyone you know who lives in that Village and have them register as well.
    Together we can throw this bum out.

  10. It’s about time to break up the village and go back to fallsburg I estimate approximately 500 Jewish frum houses between camp Morris mesora wood lake and regency and many more, we pay in average 2000 dollars in village taxes for each house all together over 1 million dollars wasted Yiddish money actually the town of fallsburg does a better job in snow removal garbage collecting ect, the only benefit of the village is that police car chasing us with bogus summonses we have the votes to do it if we all register we need a asken who is willing to put in some time and get it done

  11. 500 houses x2 adults without children over 18 you have 1000 registered voters the entire village has 600 registered voters we can do it if we all work together since the governor recently signed in to law new legislation it is now much easier to break up a village, we can take the 1 million plus in savings and buy 8 new ambulances for hatzalah

  12. anyone remeebr the story of haman and mordechai? kantrowitz should have to watch these hatzolah members recieve the key to the town and drive them around in a town car wit them having a msll parade.
    yea, that would make me feel a little better.

  13. Same isaac kantrowitz??

    ROCK HILL, N.Y. — A retired town justice was driving the car that struck and killed two teenagers as they walked on Glen Wild Road in this Sullivan County community, state police said Monday.

    Isaac Kantrowitz, 86, of Woodridge, was driving a 2018 Hyundai Elantra about 3:15 p.m. Sunday when he struck the two teens, who were pronounced dead at the scene, police said. They were identified as Justin Finkel, 14, and Devin Zeininger, 16, both of the town of Thompson. A third youth, who name was not provided, was injured.

    Kantrowitz, a retired town of Fallsburg justice, was southbound on Glen Wild Road, as were the pedestrians, police said.

    Police did not report any charges against Kantrowitz, and they said there was no indication he was impaired at the time of the crash. Still, they are asking anyone who witnessed the incident to call them at (845) 888-2681.

    Monticello school district Superintendent Tammy Mangus said Finkel and Zeininger were “a Monticello High School student and a former RJK (Robert J. Kaiser) Middle School student.”

    Mangus said in a message on the district website that the entire community is “mourning the unexpected death” of the two.

    “The district is working with Sullivan County BOCES and will have a support team of social workers and school psychologists at both Monticello High School and RJK (Robert J. Kaiser) Middle School to help our students deal with this tremendous tragedy,” Mangus said. “It is natural for students to display a variety of emotions as they cope with their grief. … Parents as well as students may contact the district if they are in need of support.”

  14. the officer was overheard telling the Hatzolah members “I was a cop in the town of Fallsburg for more than 20 years, and know that you are legally allowed to use red lights, but I was forced to write the tickets by Isaac Kantrowitz,

    The officer admitted committing a felony. A criminal complaint should be sworn out against him, as well as a civil suit for denial of civil liberties under color of law. If he admitted he knew the law then he gets no qualified immunity, so the plaintiff can take his house and his pension.

  15. #3. 40 years ago he was busted for trying to get favors done for friends. (politicians do that all the time). The matter here is quite different, way more reckless and dangerous.

    Clearly he has a beef with frum yidden. Anyone know why?

  16. Wasn’t Isaac Kantrowitz the driver of a vehicle just 3 weeks ago that killed two Monticello High School kids? Let’s remind him how he cut down two lives and he should not be driving nor judging any more! He’s totally unfit.

  17. @Gadolhatorah
    Always looking for a conspiracy.
    Always looking for a fight.
    More Juice.
    Enough of the hate Mr.
    We are part of the most amazing religion.
    It Is Time To Love.

  18. Reading this story with interest I noticed I had already commented on it. I wondered how this was possible since I only saw this story tonight. Imagine my surprise when I saw the date Aug 9, 2012. Was this republished on purpose?

  19. Didn’t realize
    This is “hit “em with your car till their dead ” kantrowitz ??
    The guy who knocks people off with his car?
    He is deciding about giving emergency vehicles tickets?
    He probably would ticket them if they were coming to help people he hit
    What a genius