Self Described ‘Expert Index’ Puts Obama Ahead Of Romney On Israel Issues


A panel of Israeli national security experts now rates President Obama as better than Mitt Romney for Israel, according to a new survey.

The latest Israel Factor survey, a self described “Israeli outlook on American policy and politics” and ranking of “the players of the American political battlefield from an Israeli viewpoint,” puts Obama ahead of Romney for the first time ever.

On the whole, Obama now scores a 7.4 out of 10 on being good for Israel, while Romney scores a 7.2. The panel also gives Obama a slight edge on who is more likely to use force against Iran — with Obama leading by a nose.

A year ago, Obama was still largely viewed with suspicion by the same panel of experts — rating just a 5.5 out of 10. In that survey a year ago, Romney was rated at 7.4 out of 10.



  1. how is it possible? i would say this is one big lie. what has Obama done for Israel to get these numbers? is it trying to kiss up to all middle eastern country’s? or that he didn’t step foot in Israel since he got elected? im sure you can think of more things why this is one big lie

  2. This is not surprising to those who have been able to sort out the rhetoric from the reality of American policy towards EY and the middle east. The Republicans and right-wing evangelical X’tians use EY as a pawn in their theological games and have no real interest in yidden per se. Obama has gradually turned up the pressure on Iran while keeping at least some degree of international support. He also has kept EY from going off the cliff of interantional isolation.

  3. They are “self described”. No different than an extreme left wing organization (I forget the name) who “self described” themselves as being pro-Israel, something which was/is the farthest thing from the truth.
    OTOH, if this “Israel Factor” only looks at the present rhetoric, and ignores the past 3 Obama years, then it’s easy to see that Obama is indeed a smoother liar and therefore gets better grades.

  4. yeaaaaaa i dont think so… i know there r still some crazy jewish obama fans out there but i dont think any of them r intelligent enough to be on a “panel of Israeli national security experts” but u never know!