MK Gafne Speaks Out Against The Peleg Protests; ‘Do Not Call Them Chareidim!’


After the release of the harsh condemnation of the Peleg faction by HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, MK Moshe Gafne speaks out against the violent protests seen last week.

In an interview with Reno Tzaror of Galei Tzahal (Army Radio), Gafni was asked about the HaGaon HaRav Kanievsky’s statement pertaining to the stormy and violent protests held by the Peleg faction last week.

“Those who go to these demonstrations do not represent the chareidi public,” he said. “Like me, many people are angry that you, I did not hear accurately, as the media reports “chareidim” ‘the chareidi demonstrations,'” Gafni added. “It’s not the chareidi demonstrations, it’s not us, we have nothing to do with this, there is no reason for such demonstrations, and in any case, whoever wants such demonstrations, this is not the way, not our way, not the way we were educated.”


Why do you say this is not a chareidi protest? Aren’t chareidim protesting?


This is not a protest of chareidim. The overwhelming majority of the chareidi tzibur is opposed to this, especially here, when the focus [of the protests] is in chareidi area but truly, this does not matter. This is not us! These are not chareidim! The general media reports ‘chareidim’ but they represent a minority faction and should not stain the entire population.

We do not have such protests. We held the million man protest and when has there been a problem since? There has since been the law of Yair Lapid and this led to the million person protest upon instructions of Gedolei Hador and it was orderly as was the one before it.

Gafne highlighted his point – Protests like these, in which there are confrontation with policeman and policewomen, male and female soldiers, this is not the chareidi tzibur. Remove this from the agenda. Call them whatever you wish, but please, do not call them chareidim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Much simpler answer: Chareidi means charad l’dvar HaShem. The d’var HaShem is revealed to us through the Ainei HaEidah (the chachmei and manhigei ha’dor. None of those leaders have called for these protests as Rav Chaim clearly states they are without a shepherd. Ergo, by definition, the protesters are not chareidim. Period.

  2. If they arent charedi and not m.o. they I guess they are reform. Do we need to say tehillim for reformers? I dont think so. Especially reformers who are mechallel shem shamayim b’farhesya. Vnomar amen!

  3. Shuali, you’re right on the money!
    The hardest this to fathom is Hagaon Rav Shmuel! I know him! Aside for being an especially great Torah giamt, he’s so amazingly normal. What’s gone awry? It is baffling, you’ve got to admit.

  4. Gafne is z zionist (note what he does for a living and who pays his salary). Peleg is by definition anti-zionist. No one would expect them to agree. The fundamental question of our time within the Torah community is whether Medinat Yisrael is a “Jewish state” whose laws are entitled the same respect as those from either Sinai, or at least those of a Jewish malchus — or whether Medinat Yisrael is a secular and democratic state run by the enemies of Torah and Mitsvos who laws are entitled to more respect than those of any other anti-Jewish regime.

  5. akuperma:
    the fundamental question you describe was already paskened by the gedolim of the previous generations and they were unanimous that the medinah is not a jewish state whose laws must be respected. the only disagreement was how precisely to relate to this phenomenon. not only is the medinah not a Torah or Jewish state, it has zero legitimacy in the eyes of the Torah. It does not even have the legitimacy of a non-Jewish government anywhere in the world.
    Gafni is obviously a politician who is promoting his version of the draft law which says go get a deferral. The last thing he wants is for people to see that not turning up at the draft board is a viable option. That would totally render him obsolete. But the fact is that about 10% of those seeking a deferral are turned down and are faced with a) army or b) prison. Tragically, not all are strong enough to withstand the threats and they enlist. What do you think they look like after 3 years of army?
    Gafni and his ilk are worse than the Nazis – because as we know, destruction of neshamos is worse than destruction of bodies. He is on record as refusing to help bachurim get deferrals because he prefers that they enlist. Not just him – it’s the Vaad Hayeshivos (great name, reminiscent of Pravda), the whole Bnei Brak crowd – you know who they are – the majority of the Agudah…
    This is war, if you haven’t noticed already. And there is no more sitting on the sidelines.