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Police Mark Peleg Protesters Who Refuse To Identify Themselves With Numbers on Their Hands

More than 120 people were arrested during last Thursday’s “Day of Rage” that was held by Peleg. Dozens of the protesters who identified themselves to the police have since been released, some with fines of up to 1,000 NIS. There were, however, some 27 protesters who were arrested that refused to identify themselves. They were left in police custody all of Thursday night and brought for arraignment on Friday morning. During the hearing they were told that they would only be released if they agreed to give their identities to the police. The 27 Peleg members still refused to give their identities to police and spent Shabbat confined to police custody.

Upon their exiting the courthouse police marked each protester with a black number on their hand in magic marker. AS they refused to give their names to police, the police were left with no choice but to assign each prisoner a number.

On Sunday morning they were once again brought before the court, where they agreed to identify themselves in front of the judge. After all of the Peleg members gave over their full identities and committed to paying a 1,000 NIS fine they were released. According to a report that appeared in B’Hadrei Hareidim, among the 27 people who were finally identified were at least 12 draft dodgers who were sent to further detention by military police. They will join the 31 draft dodgers already arrested by the IDF’s military police during the protests.

The Committee for the Salvation of the Torah World which is representing the arrested members of Peleg said that marking the arrested with number is “a Nazi tactic. It is as if we underwent a holocaust, 13 hours on a bus.”

Police said that these individuals were arrested during a violent protest, in which dozens of Chareidim blocked roads, upset public transportation, and prevented vehicles from travelling for elongated periods of time while disturbing the peace. “To make matters worse, the refused to identify themselves which goes against the expressed law that requires police to ascertain the identity of all felons arrested in order to obtain and present proof related to their case. Thus, they left the detectives no choice but to maintain order over the arrested people than to assign numbers to them in order to keep track of them. This is how each person was brought to court and how the courts had to try them for their actions, according to serial number assigned to them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. The Nazis stopped random strangers in the street and terrorized them and so does peleg.

    The nazis spit in peoples faces and so does peleg.

    The nazis tormented roshey yeshivos and so does peleg.

    What else did peleg do?
    The list is too long

  2. The police should have put a tag in their ears with the numbers like they do with animals on a farm??? What do you expect them to do….this is a quick and easy way of identifying these hoodlums.

  3. And so? What else should they do if these “citizens” have no ID and refuse to give the authorities any information? Should they print up custom yarmulkas for them? Maybe a cute wrist band? They are criminals and are treated as such. Those wishing to equate this situation or these actions to those dastardly and heinous ones done by the Nazis (yimach shmo) are not only conflating this situation erroneously but are also lessening the graveness of the holocaust and its ghastly details.

  4. Read about the Kastner trial. You will see that is the same way their ancestors (the zionists) did the same to jews in the camps.

  5. Correction: I suggested earlier that ‘ear tags” are the preferred means of identifying the chayos on a ranch. I’ve been told that in the majority of cases either old fashioned “branding” or inserting computer chips below the surface of the skin are still used in the majority of cases. Thus, perhaps the police should consider branding (with a nice font) or inserting a computer chip in the “appropriate place (kosher of course that does not receive WiFI)

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