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NYPD Wants Videotaped Interrogations In All Precincts

The New York City Police Department is planning to expand a program for videotaping interrogations to all 76 precincts in the city. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the department wants to outfit all interrogation rooms and some specialized units with recording equipment.

The pilot program began in 2010 in Brooklyn and the Bronx and was limited to suspects charged with felony assault.

The first phase of the expansion will include suspects facing murder and sex crimes charges.

Kelly says he wants to make sure the department stays ahead of the curve as technology evolves, and says the taped interrogations help all sides in the legal system.

The department, however, has an issue with funding for the expansion and is asking the New York City Police Foundation for help.

The first phase alone is expected to cost $3 million.

(Source: NY1)

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  1. Good. Policemen cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what goes on in an interview. There should be an objective record. There should also be cameras mounted in police cars to record their interactions with people on the street, so there can be proof of what happens. And the city should make it clear that anybody is entitled to film the police, and record their interactions with them.

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