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Imagine the Feeling

Behind some Yerushalayim apartment, on the porch, sits R’ Mordechai Gottlieb surrounded by Chaveirim Makshivim. Eyes are closed as the violin in the back joins R’ Mordechai’s gentle strumming. Yidden, we’re learning a new Niggun…

The Niggun is taught and repeated, and with arms linked, the Chevre lifts-off L’Eila Ul’Eila.

Searching for the Roots

A Breslover Chassid with roots in the Litvishe Yeshivos, R’ Mordechai is making it his mission to bind together distant worlds. “Our songs today are using influences from far away places. These foreign styles too often distort what the words are trying to say.”

“I remember watching my father sing on Friday night. The whole scene personified Kedusha. You could see how the words, and the tune, and his soul were all burning together with one fire. When I was Zoche to play guitar, I started humming new Niggunim to myself. They brought that old light of the simple Neshama in to my life right now.”

An early release of his new clip for “Ki Hem Chayeinu” draws you in to personally experience the sweetness of Amal HaTorah, the work it takes to get to the Torah’s depths.

Where are we Going?

“The words of Davening and Tehilim are so filled with Hishtokekus – with yearning. Yearning is the place where pain meets hope. Where those two feelings collide… that’s the Dveikus that these Niggunim are reaching for. Old and new. Past and future. Pain and hope.”

We will keep you posted as current projects are released.

R’ Mordechai heads a Kollel dedicated to studying Chassidus B’iyun and is available for Kumzitzim by special request.