VIDEO: Health Minister Yaakov Litzman Resigns From The Cabinet



Health Minister Yaakov Litzman resigned from the cabinet on Sunday morning 8 Kislev as he said he would. The resignation goes into effect in 48 hours.

Litzman warned that if there was Chilul Shabbos this past Shabbos by Israel Railways, work that is not categorized as Pikuach Nefesh, he will step down from his cabinet post. Litzman was instructed to do so by the Gerre Rebbe Shlita, unwilling to permit him to remain a member of a cabinet permitting regular Chilul Shabbos.

Litzman remains a Member of Knesset and the coalition however, so his move does not jeopardize the coalition majority and will not result in early elections.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)