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B’chasdei Hashem, Jewish Hikers Survive Attempted Lynch Near Migdalim

A group of Jewish hikers, a bar mitzvah trip for the chosson bar mitzvah and friends, were attacked by Arabs hurling rocks near Kfar Kutzra in the Shomron, near Migdalim. Members of the group were in life-threatening danger when one of them pulled his licensed weapon and fired at attackers to distance them. The group was comprised of 25 youths and two adults.

Hatzoloh Yosh reports three of the youths were injured, B”H, all light. Some of the injuries resulted when Arabs sprayed pepper spray into the cave.

The attackers continued advancing and the adults got them inside a cave to distance themselves from the mob and had to wait for the IDF to arrive to extricate them from the threat. The mob continued attacking despite the warning gunfire.

Realizing the perilous danger, the armed adult fired at one of them, killing him according to PA (Palestinian Authority) sources. The dead person is reported to be 48-year-old Muhammed Ivda.

At some point they grabbed the weapon from the adult and then threatened children, taking their phones and other items. The weapon was not recovered by the IDF and remains in the hands of the Arabs.

The IDF responded and used riot-control means to distance some 100 Arabs, many involved in the attempted lynch.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Another Muhammad lost, (do they have any other names?), I am sure now the Zionists will have a trial for the people that killed this “unarmed” civilian.

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