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Abu Mazen: Statesman, Liar & Terrorist

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), who recently revealed his true colors on his Facebook page is now brazenly accusing Israel of “destroying any hope of the two-state solution”.

Abu Mazen, who does little more than spend donor nation funds and accuse Israel of violations is at it again, doing what he does best, re-writing history. He blames Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the failed talks with the PA, pointing out that 70% of Israelis want peace. In actuality, 100% of Israelis want peace but only 70% are naïve enough to believe this is achievable with him as a negotiating partner.

“I don’t know what’s going on. On the one hand I read about public opinion polls showing that 70% of Israelis want peace with us, but on the other hand there is no process and we identify a lack of interest on your part,” the PA leader told Yediot Achronot.

He blames Mr. Netanyahu of “persuading the people I am not a partner”, placing all of the blame on others, unwilling to accept any responsibility for his miserable failures as a leader, both on the negotiating track with Israel and domestically, failing to build a viable PA economy.

Abu Mazen basically used the Yediot forum to espouse more of his meaningless rhetoric, aware of the fact that there are too many nations in the international community all too willing to accept his position, far as it may be from reality.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. To be honest as much as this is all true, the fact that ISRAEL lets the so-called Palestinians GET AWAY WITH IT DAY AFTER DAY without offering so much as a word of rebuttal is what I can’t take. They should have been screaming to the high-heavens by now over how they are in violation of almost everything they have ever signed – yet all you ever hear from Regev is ‘ We are committed to peace’ !!! I’ve even gotten to the stage of feeling that you know if they are SO silent in the face of SUCH lies – maybe there is something to them after all! and if a Jew living in Jerusalem already feels that, they why should anyone in Europe or anywhere else in the world feel any better??

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