Cabinet Approves Prices and Competitiveness Recommendations


The Cabinet on Sunday, 5 Cheshvan 5773 approved a decision to implement the recommendations of the team that evaluated prices and the level of competitiveness in the food sector.

The goal of the decision is to increase competitiveness in the food market in Israel and lower food prices to the consumer.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, “We will do in the food sector what we did in the cellular communications market. This is major news vis-à-vis lowering the cost of living. After food prices jumped in 2006-2008, we are bringing in competition on a major scale and with daring measures. After Israel has been neglectful in many areas, we have done much: From free education from the age of 3, building a fence in the south, to removing impediments to construction in the center of the country. We will do in the food market what we did in the cellular communications market. We will increase competition and reduce the power of cartels and monopolies in order to leave consumers with more money in their pockets.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is a bad sign. The Prime Ministers seems to be delusional. He feels he has super-powers. I hope he doesn’t try to jump into the air and personally bomb Iran in a single bound. There are things that even a super-prime minister couldn’t manage, like reforming the agricultural, food and retail sectors – all of which are dominated by well entrenched crony capitalists.