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Rabin Memorial Event to be Held on Shabbos

Chemi Sal, who produced the annual Yitzchak Rabin memorial event for the past 16 years announced he is pulling out and will not oversee the motzei shabbos event planned in Tel Aviv on motzei shabbos the eve of 19 Cheshvan 5773, in 10 days. The announcement was made on Wednesday, 8 Cheshvan.

In his letter Chemi explains how he worked each year to produce the event without charge, without government funding, viewing it as the correct thing to do. “This year, I cannot fulfill the responsibilities of the duties I accepted on myself”.

He cites the main reason is the announcement by “Dror Yisrael” and “Machane HaOlim” to hold their own events at the very same time. He feels “if the memorial event results in conflict and factionalizing the people, and if the upcoming election makes peace less attractive, then perhaps Yigal Amir was more successful than we realize”.

He added that he cried as he wrote the letter, reflecting back to the 1995 event that he produced during which the prime minister was assassinated. “I believed I would be back every year for the memorial” but it appears this has come to an end.

As a result, the only event that is currently planned will be held in Tel Aviv on shabbos, 18 Cheshvan.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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